Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politically Incorrect

Today Abe asked Daisy if she had seen Mike's new hunting knife (he was eager to show it to her -- at least to show the case to her. "Dad probably wouldn't want me to get it out of its case," he explained). But Daisy only replied in a tone of much drama, "I would NEVER go hunting." Abe shrugged. "That's because no girls would."

Speaking of hunting, Mike isn't necessarily a big hunter, but he does view guns and knives as things of exquisite beauty. In fact, when he showed me some Utah centennial gun (or something celebratory like that) the other day, I had to admit that the carvings on it were quite intricate. I wondered aloud if it was "real gold plating." I hardly even mentioned whether or not the temple carved along the side seemed an appropriate adornment for a weapon. Perhaps if one calls the weapon a "peace maker"?

AND, speaking of that hunting knife. Mike regularly pulls that impressive item out for me to admire. It was only the other night (as the blade of that lovely knife was glistening in front of my eyes) that it occurred to me -- I bought Mike a "beautiful" hunting knife for his birthday last year. Where was that knife? Why wasn't it being swept from its scabbard (OK, I think only swords have scabbards) for me to appropriately and appreciatively "ooh" and "ahh" over each and every night? I asked Mike about this.

Mike: "Don't you remember? We had to return that one."

Me: "We? When did we return that one? I don't remember returning it? I think it was the very hunting knife you told me you wanted. Yah, I remember now, I got it at Big 5. You loved it."

Mike: "Yes, I think something was wrong with it," he says, kissing the blade of this new hunting knife, "so we returned it."

First the "potato fork" and now this? I am feeling less and less bad about those slippers (see post if confused) every day!


Tia Juana said...

Well, at least he KNOWS that you got it for him. My husband does not even know what he got for last Christmas! Sheesh!

And now all the loons of the earth are going to engrave their weapons with temples so they can call them "peace makers" which is so hypocritical!

I'm with Daisy!

Oh, and PS: I am so glad that Mike is back with you again!

Perla said...

oh ho ho...i am laughing. thanks. very good indeed. i am so glad that daisy would never go hunting, nor would any girl. and i'm glad that mike isn't afraid to return the stuff you buy him. he must just have some magical gift to know how to buy you cool things (minus lady bug slippety-slips) but most of us struggle with those things.

Lover of Sweets said...

Hmmmm, that was very sneaky of your husband to make you think that you were crazy not to remember that he had indeed told you about taking back the knife that he didn't want to keep for some reason even though he had picked it out in the first place!

I'm glad that you are enjoying your new fuzzy Elmo slippers and you looked pretty hot in the Puma beanie, ghetto, but definitely hot.

Liz said...

Hmmm... seems awfully convenient that something was wrong with it. jay never uses any of the gifts I give him. Even if he said he wanted it prior to the gifting. Now I don't buy him stuff anymore. He has to buy his own. It's rather sad. By the way, I would never go hunting either. Although I have no problem with those who do. We are meant to eat the animals put here on the earth right? I just don't want to be the one who does the killing.

Perla said...

That's a nice pig-sticker.


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