Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eggy Shaddy

Goldie: Mom, did you know I have an imagination friend?

Me: You have an imaginary friend?

Goldie: Yah. I have three of them.

Me: Really?

Goldie: Yah. The first one is my shadow. It's like creeping where I am. It's named Egg-Egg. Ummm, how about Eggy?

Me: Eggy is a good name.

Goldie: And the next one is Jam-Jam. It's a dog. It's not really like red. It's blue or brown -- actually brown, and it's big like Clifford.

Me: Wow!

Goldie: And another big one is named Stripey-Stripey because it has so much rainbow stripes. And that's all of 'em I've seen. . . . Oh and there's baby ones . . . but they're not big like Clifford . . . yet.

-----------A moment later-----------

Goldie: Mom, actually that one's name is Shadow. No, Shaddy. Well, that's its middle name. Actually, its last name.

Me: So it's Eggy Shaggy?

Goldie: No, Mom, Eggy Shaddy.

Me: Oh, Eggy Shaddy.


Tia Juana said...

You must be having word issues because an hour ago you thought that the secret combo letters sounded like rallyweed!

Karen said...

The imaginaries at your house sound like the stuffed animals at ours. What a riot. I love what kids come up with.

Rhonda said...

Oh I just love that Goldie! She is too funny. Hope you guys are doing okay!

Perla said...


Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

What an awesome name for an imaginary friend! I too had imaginary friends as a child and their names were Bobo and Samonya. If I ever did anything bad they were always blamed for it. Pretty clever, eh?

jami said...

that's awesome! :)

Kelly said...

Nancy, since I do know that you are in town you better be doing your best to figure out how we can get together for dinner or something...I love you.

marzee said...

Funny - for a moment I thought maybe she'd be calling her shadow "Slim Shady!"

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