Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Sock) Monkey Business

While it is true that Jesse and sock monkey are inseparable, spending nearly every moment of the day together, I can’t help but feel, after coming upon this scene the other night, that their relationship can only be described as . . . troubled.


All right, to be fair, I don’t think Jesse actually intended to cook his friend. Upon further questioning it was all sorted out. You see, Jesse loves loves to turn a laundry basket upside down and stand on it while the washing machine is going so he can lift the lid and watch the clothes spinning around, the water pouring in, and what have you. Only, last night, I took his basket away – banning him temporarily from the washing machine – because he tossed a wrench in while it was going (and he knows throwing other things in is forbidden but sometimes can’t resist). Anywho, after crying for some time over the loss of “washing machine watching” privilege, he, apparently, drag a stool to the microwave and started pretending that it was a washing machine. It turns out, as he told me while I snapped this picture, he was simply washing monkey.


BS and the Kids said...

I love that he loves sock monkeys. So cute!

Perla said...

That is so awesome. miles put beloved bunny in the microwave the other day. He loves bunny and feeds him, makes him fold his arms for prayers etc. but bunny also gets in frequent trouble and had to go to time out quite recently for saying the word stupid

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