Friday, December 30, 2011

Anniversary and Abe Shenanigans

Yesterday was our 12 year anniversary. Mike had to work all day (mostly because he used his last free hours of leave on my birthday the day before so I could have a day of getting to go to the gym, shopping, etc.) Anyway, though he couldn’t be here, a rose and treat mysteriously appeared on our doorstep about every 45 minutes of the day. When the doorbell first rang and I opened it to find nobody there – simply a single rose and a treat, I was suddenly very excited thinking that maybe Mike really DID have more hours and had been able to take the day off. However, there was no sign of him, and after only one or two more roses I began to suspect that the rosy-cheeked and out-of-breath children, who would come around the corner expressing their shock about another flower shortly after each new arrival, might possibly be in cahoots with their father.

Speaking of our anniversary, when the kids asked about it that morning, I gave them, what I thought to be, a few wise words about how happy their father and I are and about how important it will be for them not to marry someone just because they are in love with them; they must also make sure it is someone with their same priorities and goals.

You can judge for yourselves how well my words touched them by Abe’s response: after giving me a mischievous smile he said, “What if my whole goal is to beat Super Mario Galaxy? What then!?”

Hmph. What then indeed. I suppose all I can do is hope and pray that there is some mother out there raising a worthy young daughter with similarly lofty goals!

Another thing – relating not to our anniversary, but to the aforementioned Abe: I was making dinner tonight while he entertained Jesse in the living room. Suddenly I heard Jesse sobbing piteously. I was sure he had been hurt or terrified and was about to rush to him, but Abe seemed to have comforting him well in hand, so I stayed at the stove ‘til Jesse waddled into the kitchen and showed me that all was well because sock monkey now had a bandage on his head. Apparently it was not Jesse who was hurt, rather, his sock monkey who “somehow” (according to Abe) got a hook off the Christmas tree stuck through his head. I had my suspicions that it might have been something along the lines of a failed attempt to make Jesse laugh at the sight of sock monkey as an ornament. Who knows. I didn’t ask how sock monkey ended up horrifying Jesse with an ornament hook stuck in his head. I simply agreed that sock monkey would be perfectly fine and happy now that he had a Band-Aid covering his wound. That was some quick thinking on Abe’s part as to how to remedy the situation.

And here is a little picture of the two men I have been writing about at our recent Christmas Eve party. I sure love these boys!

Oh, and one of Mike with little mister Scrawnykins just because it makes me want to cry at the helplessness of the tiny little fella. Surely someone could at least put a nice warm pair of pajamas on the little lad!

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Tia Juana said...

I just hope that there is a nice young woman out there for my boys who will right all MY wrongs.... what then??!?? A change in their priorities please be!

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