Monday, December 5, 2011

For Keeps

I usually put anything worthwhile on my blog (as opposed to facebook) so I can have it “for keeps” in my little printed books (which I am totally caught up on by the by). However, these two moments were captured with my cell phone . . . which  can load a picture straight to facebook, so I put these two pictures (and the following captions) there instead. Anywho, sorry to double you all up on stuff you’ve done seen already (I said those last three words like I was some sort of a backwoods feller), but I just want these two little images captured in my blog books:

"Jesse, it's not a toy, and it's not a hat. It's my lamp shade. Now put it back." No one knows for sure how many times I have said this. The good news? Clearly he will be the life of all future parties he attends.



My poor little asthmatic. When I see him like this I kind of forget about all the broken cupboards, flooded basements and other destruction this little fella causes.


. . . oh yah, and all the lamp shades he wears on his head. I forget about those too. I love him.

There. Safe and sound here on my blog.

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