Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just seeing if my new layout will work with windows publisher. Here’s a cute picture to make this post worth something. I sure like when my kids do happy nice things together:


P.S. While I’m here, I’ll add this: Someday soon Jesse will quit saying that things “need new blueberries,” and he won’t say things like, “I think the blueberries are kind of dead in this. We need to get new blueberries at the store,” because, he will realize that what he really means to say is “batteries"; and, that will be a sad day.


marzee said...

You did it! Like the new layout - way to go! ;)

Perla said...

now that i sometimes post from my phone (but only short posts at a time to avoid the horror of the one from yesterday), i am going to record more things that are said wrong that i love and am sad when they start saying them right.

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