Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Little Addict


I took the kids to Arctic Circle the other day for lunch. On the drive home, I was telling Abe (who loves a good fried corn dog) that while generally speaking I have very little interest in a corn dog, while I was pregnant with Daisy, I would drive to Arctic Circle to get a corn dog pretty much every week.

“I wish I got cool cravings,” he said. Then, “Wait. I guess I do. I mean if I go for like a whole month with out soda, I get all depressed and it’s like the only thing I want.”

We’ve discussed addictions before, so I burst out with a laugh, “You ‘get all depressed’? Abe, that makes you sound like you’re totally addicted! That’s it, we can’t buy you soda ever again.”

“Don’t say that!” He protested, “Then I’d just have to steal some!”

And there you have it. We may as well have been talking about prescription drugs. My little soda addict. Lovely.


Tash said...

I love this photo it looks so cool and he looks so desperate for a soda! My kids have gone over a year without soda except at the year mark they had one or two and they have gone without fast food. I am haven't Hypocrite #1 but our lives have been blessed because we were so entrenched in drive throughs it was sad! I am learning to do make way more healthy stuff for them at least and I still am an addict myself hopefully their good example will finally inspire me to quit or wean off!! AGain cool photo!! Is you boy going to 6th grade?

Nancy said...

Tash, close -- 5th grade. When you said 6th it sounded so crazy old, but then I realized he's only one year off from that. Crazy.

Also, nice job onthe soda and fast food business. The sad thing is, I'm not even really a fan of fast food, but it is such a lazy easy thing to resort to when we have been off doing something and the alternative is to come home and cook dinner. I need to follow your example though and just not do it!!

Perla said...

i love that boy. we just got your package you sent. i can't believe he sent andre $5. that made me want to cry. why did he do that? the whole thing was fantabulous and made me and the kids miss you all so much!

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