Sunday, June 19, 2011



When I was little, summer was a seriously significant chunk of time. Once school let out, the world was mine for THREE whole months – which may as well have been a year for how much time that seemed to set before me.

I hope it is that way for my kids because June is already drawing to a close. Summer is nearly a third of the way through and I swear school only let out yesterday rather than three weeks ago. I keep thinking my kids are going to wake up in horror, feeling tricked and cheated, one morning because their summer was blinked away, but hopefully it is only mine being blinked away. Hopefully for them these summer days are lasting a little longer than they are for me.

I love them being here. I love the more carefree pace of things. I love that our time isn’t filled with needing homework done, needing instruments practiced, etc. I love that they can have a spontaneous trampoline sprinkler party or stay up late with me to watch our Founder’s Day fireworks (which, incidentally, we have a perfect view of right from our own backyard).

Yesterday was also our local parade. There is nothing especially grand in our small parade, but I love that is part of summer. The kids ask all morning if we can go yet, if I’m sure it starts at 10:00 – if I’m sure they aren’t missing it. The parade begins only a few blocks from our house and is small enough that we can walk there 15 minutes early and still find a good spot. Since it starts so near us, the participants are often lined up – practicing their band instruments, filling balloons, etc. – right on the street next to our house. The excitement of it all makes waiting nearly impossible for the kids.

As I snapped pictures of them laughing as they soaked themselves on the trampoline the other night, and again, as I lathered them up with sunscreen in their eagerness for the parade  yesterday, I felt especially lucky to be experiencing summer through and with these kids of mine. I wish it wouldn’t speed by quite so quickly.



Perla said...

i was writing up my calendar for the rest of the month and july and it creeped me out how the first 1/3 of summer is already almost gone! sheesh! summer did last long for us as kids. i always liked it but i have a lot of memories of me lying on the green carpet in the living room with one foot up on the wood book shelf with a toe poised to change the channel on the tv.
and the red balloon? what is up with that weird show and why did they show it to us all the time in elementary school? i remember every time thinking, "i just do not get this show."
great pictures, by the by. we miss you.

marzee said...

Love these pictures! Looks like you're trying something new.

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