Thursday, June 2, 2011

I sought you’re my friend . . .

For being such a wild little child, Jesse is surprisingly scared of many things. Fans terrify him. The new temporary fence at the park upsets him. Etc. What I like is how he tells me something scares him. It always makes him scary. For example: “The fan makes me scary.” Also some foods make him yummy and some foods . . . “No! It makes me yucky!”


Also, I think he’s been picking up a few too many things from certain sisters of his who can, on occasion, be a bit dramatic with one another – throwing out statements like: “You’re not my friend anymore!”and “I thought you were my friend!”

Last night we had put Jesse to bed, but he was still mostly standing in his crib throwing toys and demanding someone retrieve them, and yelling at and harassing poor Abe who was also trying to sleep in the room. I came in and told him he needed to lie down and go to sleep. He looked up at me in his little shark jammies then cast his eyes down and quietly said, “I sought you’re my friend.”

Later, when I asked Mike if I could ever talk him into doing something with the open shop vac in our room, he sadly repeated those same words to me.


(This trampoline picture is kind of a big deal because trampolines also mostly terrify him).


Amy said...

I photographed a little girl yesterday who was about jess's age and had numerous fears throughout the shoot. One tiny hole in the cement she confided in me was full of scary spiders. And a scary monster lived inside a broken window. (That one may have been true).

Perla said...

i think this age is my favorite age in the world. i watch miles and i just try so hard to freeze the images and voice into my head.

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