Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Whole Lot of Miscellany


The weather here has been rather dreary -- snow continuing to sift mindlessly down upon us through all of March; nevertheless, we took advantage of one Sunday evening to head out on a little walk with Mike's sister Lisa and her family of five boys (well, six boys if you count her husband). I thought I'd get some fun pictures of them all out there, but there was little chance that the older kids were going to walk at the bumbling little pace that Jesse set, so I only saw them from the occasional distance as I yelled for them to "slow down" and "wait up." Still, here they were at one point before getting too far ahead, and, I did get a few pictures of Penny and Jesse -- and even several of Goldie's boots.

Here's the little fella who has my heart in the palm of his tiny trouble making little hand.

Goldie finding one of the many interesting things there are to find on a walk (the very things that adults neglect noticing).

This is basically what Penny does anytime anyone tries to speak to her -- looks down and hopes that if she stays very quiet they will forget she's there. Here it was because I told her to scoot closer to her cousin Alex.


They were playing quite happily today when something went horribly awry -- or so I assume -- because next thing I know, Daisy is sob/yelling, "I thought you were my best friend, but you're NOT my best friend! You're just a MEAN girl!" I don't know if it was directed at Penny or Goldie . . . I just tried to hide.h


Then later, at dinner, the following incidents occurred:
Incident ONE:

Daisy: Penny! Stop punching me! Mom! Penny's punching me!

Penny (angrily and with chicken spewing out of her own mouth): Well, she was talking with her mouth full!
Incident TWO:

Daisy: Ouch! Mom! Penny's poking me with her fork!

Me: Penny! You have not been very nice to Daisy tonight, you may not poke her with your fork.

Penny: But it's fun!

Sigh. One day, before too long, all these girls will be teenagers . . . at the same time! I have a feeling there might be some interesting times ahead . . .

Sometimes, I want to punch the pinewood derby in the face. I know, nice sentiments, but it takes a lot of time and work to make those darn cars, and inevitably, it falls on a busy work week for Mike, so he and Abe are up 'til midnight the night before, trying to finish it. And I wonder things like, "What on earth do they expect single moms to do? This truly can't be done by the scout alone, and it requires the use of loads of tools!" It just feels stressful. Plus, this year Jesse took the tube of graphite that was somehow connected to this whole process and dumped it EVERYWHERE in our kitchen. Picture pencil lead, if you will, in a fine powdery form -- and the more you wipe it, the more it spreads nice sheets of pencil across every surface. Bleh.

But, little pinewood derby scrooge (me) must admit, that when we were at said derby, and I realized it was Abe's last year to participate, it made me a little sad. It's fun to see how excited they are racing -- particularly when they do well, and Abe was quite pleased with his 3rd place trophy. Nice work Abe (and Mike).


Tia Juana said...

It is very hard for me to have nice things so say about the scouting program in general and every so often I find myself praying that they will let the gays in so our church will vamoose itself right out of scouts! But then I always see things like happy boys at pinewood derbys and 12 year old sons who come home from a campout with their dad so proud of themselves because they rapelled off a fifty foot cliff! Sigh. But I do so wonder what the single mothers do, too.

And, I'm gonna try that head down invisible thing the next time I'm at church and maybe they'll stop asking me to do stuff just because I'm the new girl in town.

Anna said...

Haha! Penny and Daisy crack me up!! :D :D

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