Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Family That Walks Together . . . Stays Together?

Is that how the saying goes? It sure seemed like how it should go when we headed off into the foothills above our house the other day. The melted snow fooled us into thinking that meant things would be dry. They weren't, and everyone was very muddy in the end. Muddy, but happy.

Mike and I think we found the rock that we sat on the night he proposed to me. It's tricky to tell what with houses now built up all around it, but we think it's the spot.

These two were off climbing up high rocks, down crumbly slopes and over discovered streams like busy little mountain goats the entire time.

Penny pausing to watch our local high school track team, who happened to be out practicing.

These cowboy boots were faithfully worn by our first three kids, but Penny had no interest at all in them until earlier this week -- when her cousins Reed and Layla showed up to play wearing similar boots. Now she is quite fond of them.


Londy Loo said...

How did you get such a gorgeous family?

Marilyn said...

I was reading this post after following "you might also like…", as one does. And it made me feel all sad and nostalgic for little babyish Abe and Daisy…who, you will recall…I DIDNT EVEN KNOW AT THIS AGE!!! That means I am turning into an incurably sappy, sentimental sort of person. But I can't help it. Why does the time go so fast? And why do things get harder as we go along? It's because we're being stretched, I know...but being stretched is hard.

Nancy said...

Oh I know! And I feel like I hardly know/remember who these kids were! But it does seem life was simpler. Was it? Or is that just the lens of time? Maybe more stress with only little ones, but certainly less pressing worries of the world affecting them??

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