Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow White and Rose Red

Yes, that is who we are. Two fairytale sisters -- one light and one dark. Apparently my dad and my aunt Penny had recently mentioned that my sister Amy and I could easily be Snow White and Rose Red (this particular Snow White was no relation to the other Snow White -- the one with the seven little dwarf friends). My dad then got it into his head that Amy and I needed to become just that so he could send a little picture of us -- as them -- to my Aunt Penny for her birthday.

So, Amy and I met at my parents' house where we dug about in the attic for fake flowers and bits of material, etc. With the help of a few pins and Amy's camera, we became Snow White and Rose Red (or at least, close enough . . . though Amy kept insisting we were Snow White and Old Red). When Abe saw the pictures, he asked, "Which one is the bad one?" I realized that I actually didn't know anything about the story of the two sisters (though I had heard of it). Still, I assured him that if indeed one of the sisters were bad, it would have to have been the dark haired Rose Red. No way is the fair one going to be evil in a fairytale that also contains someone with dark hair (wearing RED no less). Kind of like how no step mother is ever going to be good in a fairytale. I emailed my mom just to make sure though, and here was her response: l

Oh, Nancy, they were both terribly brave, beautiful and compassionate girls who dared face a wild bear and a furious, evil little dwarf just out of the kindness of their hearts. The bear scratched on their door one bitterly cold, howling wintry night, and they dared let him come right into their cottage and sleep by the fire. On another occasion out in the woods they saved the life of a mean little dwarf whose long beard had been caught in a tree he had tried to split for firewood. He was utterly ungracious when they cut off the bottom part of his beard to free him. . .you can get the whole Grimm fairy tale at:

or a short, outline of the story at:

Love, Mom

(I sort of think this stuffed bear is somewhat lacking in presence -- you know, compared to the great terrifying bear they allowed into their cottage -- the one who later became a prince).

(It's a little tricky knowing how to make the correct "fairytale" face . . . apparently.)

You must admit, my parents got quite a lot of variety out of the offspring they produced. Well, at least out of their hair color. Maybe our faces all look the same. I don't know. But when I look at the variety of coloring Mike and I have created (or lack thereof), my parents' feat seems quite impressive.


Tia Juana said...

I just love this beyond words. I look at the scene and the costumes and wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch it all unfold because I can imagine that you sisters dressing up is worth much more than 1000 words a picture is generally worth - these pictures have "hilarious fun in the making" in the making. And, just as a reminder Nancy, you only need but one more baby after this little bun in the oven and you will indeed have seven little dwarves... you know, assuming you are a true Snow White at heart! Which I believe you are - fairy tale face and all. (Is that how you spell dwarves ...dwarfs?)

Tia Juana said...

*"hilarious fun in the making" written all over them.*

Sometimes my brain moves too fast or replicates itself when I give comments. Same thing happens on Facebook. I make myself crazy.

marzee said...

I love that you guys did this. So nice to see grown ups taking the time for make believe and dress up. ;)

Ry said...

Can you please post a short video of one of you and Megans old talk shows. I miss seeing you dressed like a hippie and some stranger girl with a foreign name wearing a lamp shade as a hat.

Krista said...

How fun! Both of you look bee-yoo-tiful! You could be in a real live fairy tale.

Nancy said...

Oh Ry! THey were called, "Linda Linda Linda" adn yes, they were quite fantastic. If they could actually be found, I have no doubt they would be worth quite a lot.

Perla said...

i do think it is cool that mom and dad could have kids with almost black hair and brown eyes or blond and blue or brown hair and blue eyes or blond hair and brown eyes (like chris used to be). i was sure that this baby had to have dark hair and eyes. what are the chances of another blond-bluey? apparently when you mix my dna with jason's, this is what you get. a blond-bluey. and sometimes i think finn is his own little self but other times i think he looks exactly like the girls, too, but just a larger noggin than they were able to grow. haha. and it looks like i'll have another blond-bluey girl. which is fine. but what about nie nie? her kids are crazy different colorings. but probably more than anybody else in our family, you and mike make a certain baby and me and jason make a certain baby and there isn't much you can do about it. who knows, tho? maybe this baby of yours will surprise us.

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