Thursday, March 10, 2011


What I actually almost called this post was, "Nothing. What's snew with you?" Then, I realized that it wouldn't make a bit of sense to anyone that way.

When we were young, we had a joke book around the house that contained the following joke:

Person number one: "Whew, there sure is a lot of snew outside!"
Person number two would then likely respond: "Snew? What's snew?"
Person number one again (with the punchline): "Nothing. What's snew with you?"

Of course, the joke never worked. Usually, when you said it, there actually wasn't any snow outside. And, even when there was, people just looked at you like, "Why did you say 'snew' instead of 'snow'?" It was kind of like the good old "What ya' eatin' under there?" joke. Did you all try (and fail) at this joke as often as we did growing up?

The idea was that the person who was asked the question would say, "Under where?" -- Thus giving you the chance to laugh hysterically and say, "You're eating underwear? HAHHAahaHAHa."

However, while we continued our tireless and hopeful efforts with the joke, usually it would go more like this:

"What ya' eatin' under there?"
"What are you talking about it?"

Or, occasionally like this:

"What ya' eatin' under there?"
"I'm not eating anything."

Or, sometimes:

"What ya' eatin' under there?"
"I'm eating a sandwich. Duh."

And, again:

"What ya' eatin' under there?"
"What are you talking about?!! Stop saying that!"

Still, the joke book with the "Nothing. What's snew with you" joke kept us laughing despite the lack of a properly working joke because it would occasionally give jokes with multiple choice answers (testing how you were coming with your joking skills). And, very often, "Nothing. What's snew with you?" was thrown in as a possible answer. Naturally, that caused us to start saying, "Nothing. What's snew with you?" at random points during the day to any question that might be asked of us. And because I told my kids about it, they have also started doing this. Abe will ask what kind of car a lamb likes to drive. Then, instead of answering, "A Lamborghini" he will say, "Nothing. What's snew with you." And laugh and laugh. And sometimes I rather regret having told them.

Of course, "NEWS" should have nothing to do with any of that, but it felt like it should because news sounds so similar to snew.

So, this post was going to say, "Nothing. What's snew with you?" and then go on to tell you what was new with us; the news with us. However, now that I think about it, I have drawn this explanation out so long that it will completely overshadow anything that might finally get typed clear down here at the bottom of this post, so I will just put our news in a new post. All on its own. . . . Later, of course.


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dang, what was the name of that book? i remember laughing my head off. is it "how not to be funny" or something like that? i'm going to try to find it.

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