Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reunion Pics . . . Sort of

So, I know I was promising more pictures of my humongous family from our recent reunion, but first I didn't have enough pictures, and then, all of the sudden there were way too many pictures to choose from. Both my sisters Amy and Megan took tons of great photos that they shared with the rest of us, and I had some of my own. In the end, there was no possible way to choose which of the hundreds to post. So, instead, you just get a few quick ones that show very little of all the family.

Here were my two youngest at the end of the reunion. Penny in tears and Jesse passed out cold (though "it wasn't with out a fight" as Mike informed me -- Jesse is at the point where he is starting to not like to sleep in our arms and apparently it took quite a lot of crying before he gave up and Mike was the victor). Also I put these two because I think Mike is so handsome.
Perhaps a close up of "Jesse defeated" is in order.
And where was I, you ask, while Mike was battling these grumpy little ones?

I might have been here -- tempting death with some of my sisters and nieces on this rope swing.

Or maybe I was battling kids of my own. I've mentioned before that any fun we give our kids generally requires putting up with equivalent amounts of misery. It can't be helped. It's how they get their fun. At least the memories generally tend to be happy. (The firemen in my sister's little town spray this crazy foam stuff all over the place and the kids pretty much swim in it. . . . Goldie could never tell us what exactly was wrong. She sat in the foam sobbing but didn't want me to remove her.)

This is just a darling picture of Daisy with her cousins Kate, Charley and Maddie. Isn't Kate's little pointed toe the cutest thing?

And I couldn't resist this picture of Abe. Look what a cute boy I have. This is him looking into the arena after riding one of Megan's horses. Megan took both of these last two pictures I should add. You are getting great Megs! I should also add that Megan and Josh are pretty much living the life that should be Mikes.


Tia Juana said...

What is that stuff? I'd cry too!

Karen said...

What a fun time! I am a little jealous that you have such a great turn out at your reunions!!

jocelyn said...

the foam picture is great! abe is definitely very handsome.

Mugsy said...

O that was a good time. And I completely agree, when Mike went caught my horse running away through the field, that was his element and way of life. I am so sad that you two aren't exactly here because I feel a little guilty like I stole what was supposed to be your life style. But I am sure it will happen sooner or later.
I love the rope swing picks, because we look so excited and scared and the ground looks like only one inch below.

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