Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Little This and That

I was not joking around about these things bringing the birds. This is a common sight. Sadly they are all starting to die.(No, not the birds, sillys. The flowers!) I wish more perennials would bloom all Summer.

Next, here are the plates my kids made. Now, whoever said I wasn't a fun mom? Oh wait, it was my own self that said it. Well, never mind that. Clearly I was mistaken. Anyway, by the time you buy the papers, pay for the plates to be made, and pay for the plates to be shipped; each plate only ends up costing about 8 billion dollars! (Side note: Once, in one of my religion classes, the professor said something about the number "40" in the scriptures. You know, it rained 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus fasted for 40 days, etc. He said something about the Hebrew or Greek word actually meaning "many." I don't know if that is right, but I notice when I exaggerate I tend to use an "8" followed by millions and billions, and maybe that is why; maybe that is just my own "40" -- my own number signifying "many.")
Also, here is something you won't want to miss.
Yes, that is the doll and the frog that Daisy and Goldie made. Really, could anything be cooler than those stuffed animals? I can't think what could. Maybe you need a closer look at frog to be convinced (and yes, Goldie did draw the pattern herself):
The cool thing is, they like them as much or more than any of their other stuffed animals or dolls.


Tia Juana said...

Yes, I have spent 8 million dollars on those kinds of plates before - back when I was a good mom! And, well, if that little dolly and frog aren't just the sweetest fun summer thing, well, I don't know what is. I should not show ET, she would make me make them with her. Today we watched PBS and built with the girl Legos all afternoon.

jami said...

ok that's AWESOME! i love that you have plants that the birds love, i am going to look into spending a bizillion on plates my boys can design (they'd love that sort of thing) and i'm MORE than impressed at the creativity of the frog and the doll. how fun that they designed and made their own... what a mom!! :)

Perla said...

how did you do the stuffed animals? did the kids even sew them themselves? too cute!

Lover of Sweets said...

I like the freaky button eyes on the doll...reminiscent of the movie "Coraline" which terrified my oldest daughter and corrupted her little mind with nightmares for months. Please don't show her that doll.

Nancy said...

P-- I will admit that they eyes have given me the spooks myself. I am glad for the heads up about Coraline. I won't let Daisy watch it . . . think of the terror she would then have every time she thought of her own sweet doll!!

Shan-- they drew the pattern at mom's one day and cut it out. Then mom let them find some material in the attic and sewed it for them. Then I helped them stuff them and they made their sweet faces, etc.

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