Friday, July 17, 2009

Americana and "dumb couches"

As most of you know, I am quite fond of my husband, and for many reasons, but one of my favorite things is how often he says and does little things that make me laugh.

On Wednesday I told him that my blog entries were always boring lately. "What's something fun I can write about?" I asked.

"Write about Americana," Mike replied.


"Americana. Everyone loves to hear about Americana in the summer time. You know -- hot dogs and house dresses."

He would give me nothing further on how house dresses and hot dogs (and I'm assuming cherry pie, fireworks, picnics and flags) could develop into a post. It is a shame though. I am sure he is right. Americana does seem right for summer and if I could turn this into a post about it, oh how lovely it would be. All I could think, however, was about a skirt I once saw in a catalog made out of patches of cute fabrics -- most of them in red, white and blues. It was a very cute "Americana" skirt and I regret not having purchased it. Instead, the best I can do is make this post have red and blue colored text.

So, enough of that. Last night I was watching "Lark Rise to Candleford." That's right, that show that is a BBC mini-series. KUED is replaying the episodes and I think it is season two, but I seem to be catching up to what is going on and who is who now.

Anyway, remember my dream of how I would be watching the DVD of it (which I couldn't get) while Mike watched with me? I mentioned he'd have the laptop in case he wanted to peruse some want ads? Well, that is just how it was. Mike was looking at motorcycles and four-wheelers online. He kept showing me different ones and asking my opinions.

Apparently my opinions were lacking proper enthusiasm and interest because Mike said, "You don't even care about these motorcycles."

And I defended with an equal accusation of, "You don't even want me to watch Lark Rise."

At which point Mike grumbled something like, "Fine, I'll just look up what you want." And, after a moment said, "Look, there aren't even any of those on here."

I looked over to see a screen that said, "No matches found." When I looked up to see what he'd searched for, I saw, "dumb couch." I guess that would be more along my lines than a motorcycle, but what is most along my lines is my Mike. I love him.


Karen said...

Oh Nancy, that was so sweet. (wiping tears)

Amy said...

How can you say your posts are boring??? They are madly funny and very interesting. I love Mikes humor. I took sewing in 7th grade from Mrs. Alexander. The first thing I made was a skirt. Wish I still had it. Can't remember the color put perhaps, just perhaps it was denim with red and white gingham checks. Hope so.

Mugsy said...

O I had a cool laugh out loud at that! Hee hee I think I read all day the cool stuff Mike and you say to eachother!

Perla said...

oh man i am laughing out loud so hard that i did that weird breathy thing again and then started coughing.

and too bad about the americana skirt. i could make one probably.

Krista said...

I'm wondering what matches he came up with under "dumb couch." How funny!

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