Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I love hearing my kids explain things to each other. They come up with much better analogies than I ever could. The other day Abe was asking me about buying a business or a zoo and what you would do if you didn't know anything about the business, etc. I told him you'd probably want to hire people that knew about it or maybe have a co-manager to run it with you. He asked what a co-manager was and after I explained it he said, "Oh, like a co-pilot helps the pilot."

Just then Daisy popped into the conversation. "What's a co-manager?" She asked.

Before I could explain Abe piped in with, "It's like a co-pilot. Like if Han Solo owned a newspaper, then Chewbacca would be his co-manager."

Daisy seemed to understand completely.


Tia Juana said...

Kind of like how I'm the captain and Joe is my co-captain. Joe likes to make up all kinds of religious analogys for Star WArs and Harry Potter. I'll have to tell him about it. He'll be so happy.

Catherina and Brett said...

i LOVE THAT! lol lol! Han Solo & Chewbaca...owning a newspaper?lol!!! Classic!;-)

Karen said...

Perfect!! Now give that kid his MBA!! I think he just earned it!

Bradshaw said...

I love your blog Nancy!! You are so funny, thanks for keeping us updated. I don't think we will make it out to Utah this summer, but hopefully this winter. Can't wait to meet little Jesse.


Mugsy said...

Aaaahhh, so cool

marzee said...

I'm going to have to start writing your stuff down so I can steal it and publish it. Seriously - this is so clever. Clever enough that I shared it with the family the other day. Oh - speaking of clever sons - guess what Action asked me the other day?

"Mom, why does Bert pee out of her belly button?"

I don't know what I told him. . . . something to the effect of,
"Because boys and girls are made differently."

So - boy oh boy - won't sex ed. be a surprise? Those belly buttons can do just about anything!!!

Ok - well, I think I told him that it wasn't a belly button - and that it was really her privates. . . . I THINK I did . . . . but I could be wrong.

Nancy said...

Marz, you just made me laugh so hard. Please please tell me that you gave no further explanation or clarification than that girls are made different. Oh I'm still laughing.

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