Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Father's Day

During Sharing Time in Primary yesterday the kids were making Father's Day cards. One of the kids in our class asked a leader how to spell dad. Only he misheard her and wrote BAD. When she corrected him, he simply added DAD. So his card said BAD DAD, which made me chuckle.

Then in class Mike taught all the kids how they could all hold up their fingers and say, "Dad, I have FIVE Father's Day presents for you." At which point they would count off to five as they folded each finger in and then punch their dads. He had them practice a few times to make sure they could do it right.

Then, to top things off, Goldie made Mike a special card. "Only," she informed him, "I didn't know how to spell all of Father's Day, so I just spelled some of it." Here is the part she spelled.

Oh Father's Day Father's Day . . . how like fathers you are.


Perla said...

that last line was so perfect. fathers day just like fathers. haha. nice. thanks for spending some time with us on fathers day!

Mugsy said...

That was sweet! I love that Mike taught the ol Charlie Brown trick to the kids, you know how Lucy said i have five good reason you should do....something? to Charlie Brown.
And so cool that MIkes card just said fat. Good thing I didn't get that card I would ran out the door on a run so fast.

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