Thursday, June 18, 2009

Airplane and Balloon Notes

I like this. Yesterday Abe and Daisy were arguing. At some point, apparently, Daisy decided to apologize by throwing an airplane into Abe's room with a small note attached saying she was sorry. Abe loved such a clever apology and sent a message back. Between last night and today, they ended up sending quite a few airplanes flying from upstairs to down, or one room to another. Occasionally a small note would come floating down attached to a balloon. I hadn't paid much attention to what the notes said until they decided to tape them all onto one balloon to keep. Here is what I found on this balloon in no particular order (punctuation, capitalization and spelling as they truly were):
-- thank you
-- no your welcome and thanks!!
-- come on (I think this one came to Abe when Daisy was waiting for him to come play a game with her).
-- to Daisy thanks
-- Good morning
-- we are small but we are strong, I won't punch you all day long (what? I don't know, but cool)
-- WAKE UP!!!
-- let's play toys!
-- OK
-- Your welcome and thanks
-- to Abe i am Sorry
-- thanks and Good night
-- sorry?!
-- it's ok
-- thanks I Love You
-- good night!!!
-- show time!! (I think Abe sent this up to Daisy when I said they could watch a show last night).
-- no your welcome and thanks!!

Oh! So funny! Literally right as I was typing this post, an airplane came flying in the room from around the corner going to the basement (where Abe and Daisy are playing so as not to wake their napping siblings). Here is what was attached:
(That says "Mom will you please get us a snack" if you couldn't read it). I had to pause to get them some crackers and chocolate chips -- which I left on the top stair before sending an airplane down with a note saying, "Look on the stairs" . . . only the note fell out of the airplane (how do theirs' always stay?) . . . so it wasn't as perfect as it should have been. Anyway, what cuteness from my kids. Things like this almost make you forget all about things like the terrible sobbing tantrum one of my daughters threw this morning!


Sarah said...

I'm always amazed at how creative kids can be. That is way too cute. I wonder what kinds of things I did like that when I was a kid.

Perla said...

awes as in awesome. strange how you can struggle so hard to keep positive about motherhood one minute and then later just literally be in awe at how cool and blessed and lucky we are.

Kelly said...

That's what I want my kids to do! They need to have time to express their creativity.

A couple of my parents' rules were to much never put a balloon in your mouth and never have water or food in rooms of the house except the kitchen (I have that at my house).

jocelyn said...

that's really cute. my sisters and i used to play "balloonie"...a game where we would toss/kick a balloon back and forth across the room and it could never touch the floor. doesn't that sound like so much fun?!

jami said...

i love that they are good friends and i love that they are so creative. :) yep. i'm with you. it's things like this that make you forget that other stuff we deal with as moms. :) so very fun! i can't wait to tell cole all about it.

Oysterblogger said...

I am so sick of the fighting I got cocky last week and bragged about how my kids hadn't fought and all the sassiness that your post really cheered my distressed heart!

Mugsy said...

That is the coolest thing EVER!!! More proof that your kids are thecoolest kids in the world!!

Amy said...

Why are your blogs all so amazingly interesting, clever, funny, poignant and just plain good? Why must you have all of the talents including such gifted writing? Why, Why , Why?

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