Monday, June 15, 2009

Beginnings of Summer Adventures

Occasionally someone will tell me I'm a good mom. I like that, naturally, but am not exactly sure what being a "good mom" fully entails. Whenever someone gives me such a compliment, I try to think of anything specifically I do that could be considered truly "good." I can't think of any real strong points, but maybe my mothering is like myself in general. I think that most people would consider me a good person. "Nancy? She's good. Yes, most assuredly she's good." Yet they would perhaps have a feeling of vagueness themselves as they thought of me as good and if asked to pinpoint just how I am good or where exactly any goodness in me lie they would not be sure. Still, I think (or hope) they would remain convinced that I am -- despite the lack of clear and easily visible markers.

Anyway, who knows exactly if or how I'm a good mom what with the specefics so lacking. My kids, for the most part, are pretty good, so perhaps the natural supposition would be that I made them that way by my good mothering? Really they probably just came good. Either way, I will tell you quite sadly that, good mom or not, my momness is lacking in one area -- the area of fun. I just am not naturally a super fun mom. I don't really love thinking up or taking them on fun adventures or coming up with creative crafts. I manage to squeeze by with a few things now and then that require very little effort on my part (like telling them to divide a paper into nine sections and create nine aliens for me, or, we did buy those round papers that they color and ship off to be turned into plates), but mostly I just don't do fun things. Recognizing this, however, I have decided to try and do at least one "fun" thing a week with them over the Summer. So far, so good. Week one: the Zoo (thanks Shannon and Priscilla for coming too). Week two: 4-wheeling and sleeping over at my sister's in Idaho (thanks Megs for letting us come on such short notice. There were ten kids under age nine between us, so very nice of her). Not all weeks will have such BIG fun things (sometimes it will be a park or small hike), but I am trying to let them have their fun -- even if it isn't in my nature to do so. Here are a few pics from the zoo and Megan's house.

The Zoo

Meg's house


Liz said...

Yes, your kids being good naturally means you are a good mom! ANd just take those compliments as they are given, people don't usually say them if they aren't true. Is that your little Jesse in the hat? He hardly seems the baby that I think of - he is becoming a little boy now.

Rhonda said...

You really are so good genuine and kind and thoughtful. And what a good, fun mom you are for doing exciting summer activities with your kids!

I love all of the pictures. Jesse looks so cuddly and yummy in his little blue stripey outfit and hat. And Penny is adorable!

Perla said...

oh for fun. you know i feel the exact same as you. or maybe i'm a little more fun. haha.
one question--who is abe standing next two by the elephants? i can't make out a face or any single feature.
and yeah--grace looks sweet in that pic with her chicklet teeth sticking in opposite directions.
what is the fun for this week? you could come to free lunch with me and then play at the park. :)

Tia Juana said...

Judging from those dark clouds in the background of your photos I would venture to bet that perhaps you were in Idaho at the exact same time I was when on Sunday, June 7 I was going through Idaho on my way from Jackson HOle to Bear Lake. I wonder if we passed on the freeway?

Looks like you have been having lots of fun. Summer is for having fun - as any 'good mom' knows.

Mugsy said...

O I did have so much fun! And just ask me to pinpoint how you are good and I will rattle off a million different ways like nothing. I would do it now if I could type fast at all. I did love having your family with us!!

jami said...

yes, you are a good person and a very good mom. :) i love the idea of doing something "fun" each week. i may have to adopt it. :)

the pictures are so great. what fun cousin time and what great pictures...i love them all!! :) but i think jesse looks especially adorable in his hat. :)

Kelly said...

That's funny just last week I told my kids that summer was over and that every stinkin' day can't be filled with activities to entertain them. They must be bored for once! See I am the Mother of the Year.

Nancy said...

OH Kelly, How I love you. I sometimes need a good "kids shmids," comment like that. I mean for crying out loud. Who said they can't make up a little fun on their own?

Liz, Yes, that is Jesse. Crazy huh! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying your little Livia because stressful or not, they do leave those baby stages so quickly!

marzee said...

Love the pics - and I have to say - someone taller than you and Mike? Meg's Josh (it's Josh, isn't it?) - must be half giant. Either that or I am half elf (I chose elf, rather than dwarf - because elves are cute - right?). Love the matching dresses on the girls. And I've been reading all of the posts - despite my lack of commenting on them. I love the plane notes - and the zoo pics too. But most of all - I love you!!!!

I'll have to email you soon - so we can catch up. I'm not a very good blogger these days. Did you finish war and peace? How's the running? Oh - I MUST, MUST email you!

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