Friday, January 16, 2009

Enrique, Ricky and The Le Leche League

I know we shouldn't judge others, but somehow the topic of hell and just who was going there once came up between my husband and me. Here is who he thought was going:
1. The La Leche League. Oh that makes me laugh even to type it. For those of you who have no idea who they are, much less why it would make me laugh so hard that Mike thinks they will be headed straight for Hades, well, I'll tell you. They are the league that supports mothers breastfeeding their babies, and I'm sure they deserve nothing but gratitude for what they have done for mothers and their infants but for some reason whatever information we received from them in the hospital seemed to give Mike the impression that if we didn't nurse our children to their liking til they were about ten years old, we would be taken out into the street and stoned -- even if our children were adopted. This naturally made him terrified of the vengeful La Leche League.
2. Enrique Iglesias. What? I am laughing again. I know nothing about Enrique -- except I think he sings that "I can be your hero baby blah blah blah" song. I have no idea why he in particular will be fairing so poorly at the day of judgement.
Oh, now this is even better. I typed the above post a few days ago but never published it, then I told Mike about it tonight. Here was our conversation:
Mike: Enrique Iglesias? Did I say that? Why would I have said him?
Me (laughing): I don't know, that's why I thought it was so funny.
Mike: Well, I don't know if I said him or not, but if I did, I'm changing my vote to Ricky Martin.

And then I remembered that it was always Ricky Martin who was going to h-e-double toothpicks. Never poor Enrique. And now it seems even more funny to me because why is Ricky Martin any more doomed than Enrique anyway? I confess I know nothing about him either (apparently not even the difference between him and Enrique Iglesias) -- but, I trust Mike's sound judgement (well, except maybe about the sweet La Leche sisters) so Enrique, your safe . . . for now, but Ricky, well, you better watch yourself.


Perla said...

mike is so cool. la leche league, i'm sure, is good for something but they also make a lot of us uncomfortable with all the pulling outings of boobs in publics

Krissy-loo said...

I do have to concur that LL seems a little extreme to me, and as Missy says, "Why do I need to belong to a club to nurse my children?" But I'm not sure that is enough to condemn them. :) I will say this for Enrique--which just goes to show how sound Mike's judgement on the matter is--it was a big thing in celeb gossip magazines that he publicly committed to remaining a virgin until he was married. Whether or not he lived up to that, who can say? But the fact that he did take a public stand for chastity is sure to have earned him some major celestial points, don't you think?

Tia Juana said...

I think it is HIL-AR-I-OUS that LL is going to Hades. You'd think Howard Stern would be ahead of the boob bragade!

I don't like LL at all because they denied my milk for sale through their club when I had so much I could have nursed 20 babies and then, when I didn't want to nurse the 20 babies or 1 for that matter and decided not to nurse anymore, they shunned me.

Well, thank you Mike for putting them in their place. I couldn't agree more.

Krista said...

Mike is one funny guy! I'm just glad he didn't mention my name amongst the hell bound heathens with hooters!

Liz said...

This had me laughing. I'm with Mike the le leche whatevers are evil. Some people cannot breast feed no matter what they say!!!

Mugsy said...

I still just laughing laughing away here to myself...And whats funny is I remember you and I talking of this ofcourse this is the first time I heard of the nursing legue going down but so so funny that while I was reading I was saying "no Nancy it was Ricky Martin you said was going to burn...not Enrique...please." And than you clarified. Still laughing laughing

The Mother of This Show said...

Hey Ricki Martin can dance, and we all know there won't be no dancing fools in the burning brimstone. Also little Ricki just adopted twins, so tell Mike to cut him some slack. Kathy's autism house who just booted Mittins, now they should certainly be getting some. . .

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