Saturday, August 9, 2008

Broken Camera

Aaahhh! Our camera is broken! I would post a picture of our broken camera except that, well, it’s broken. Plus, I guess a camera can't really take a picture of itself. . . . Which reminds me of how I always think that Vincent Vangogh is the artist who bit off his own ear, and every time that thought comes to me I think, "Wait, how could you bite off your own ear?" Then I remember he actually cut off his own ear -- which is still very disturbing, but makes much more sense. Anyway, with no camera maybe I won’t be posting so much after all (see next post) because I really like to include a little photo or two of whatever I am posting about and now . . . impossible (I always feel like saying that in a Spanishy way – im-poss-ee-blay).

Like today, when I found tell tell signs of Penny’s having been about – little people figures where my toothbrush should have been, etc. I wanted a picture of that to post. With out it, there seemed to be hardly a post at all.

This is a crummy time to break a camera. I need to take so many pictures of things I am saying goodbye to! Like the tree lined road up into our neighborhood, the pretty route I usually run, etc. This makes me feel like the kid in my Israel group who didn’t bring a camera. What??

Abe was handing the camera to me and somewhere between our hands it fell – landing in such a way that it will no longer open or shut. It simply makes a sad little grinding noise. I prefer to blame him, as he is a child and an easy target -- as we all know how clumsy kids can be. So yes, it was Abe. I’m sure I am not to blame. Never mind the fact that I have dropped and broken about 300 items in the past few months (at least there is less to pack).

I read something in one of my pregnancy books recently about loose joints and swelling etc. affecting your grasp. I immediately pointed it out to Mike so he would know that I am not a klutz and it can all be blamed on my “pregnancy hands”. He smiled and nodded in utmost agreement that I was surely right . . . just like he does when I tell him any moodiness (which is of course so contrary to my normal sweet nature) can be attributed to pregnancy hormones . . . but there is something about his readily agreeing in these matters that always makes me wonder. Me thinks he doth protest too LITTLE.


Tia Juana said...

I am very proud of you that you would even elude to the fact that it could be your fault - pregs or no - I tend to just blame everything on the kids. So much easier to move on if it is someone else's fault.

jami said...

i'm so sorry about your camera. it seems things like that happen at the absolute worst time ... i hope you find some alternative so you can capture all your favorite goodbye items/places. (i'm totally laughing at your prego excuses because i, too, when i was prego loved to blame things on that -- and jas would just nod his head in this sort of "uh yeah, whatever you say dear" sort of way that really made me know i'm probably like it prego or not. :) )

Tash said...

that is funny about Van Gogh. shucks bummer. I hadn't noticed how good big teeth look on abe!

Perla said...

me thinks he doth protest too little! awesome. i love you sister. sorry about your camera. that stinks!

Lover of Sweets said...

Picture Mike just storing all those little complaints of yours and quirky quirks away so that he can use them against you later! Mua ha ha ha ha!
I Do so remember the pregnancy hands though.
Funny stuff...not your broken camera though. Sorry about that. I would be very sad indeed.

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