Monday, August 11, 2008

Abe's future fame

This is the last shot that was taken on our camera before it broke. Tell me, can there be any further doubt about who is to blame? (What kind of a mother would blame her poor innocent child? Still, look at him. Would you trust him to hold your camera?).

Speaking of Abe, today he mentioned three things he would like to be famous for:
1- Being able to talk to animals. Well, he maybe could be famous for that. We've all watched that dog whisperer guy who knows what every dog seems to be saying.
2- Flying to Pluto. That is impressively far, but his fame might be somewhat marred by the fact that Pluto has been downgraded from its planet status. It just doesn't hold the same appeal or demand the same respect anymore.
3- Discovering a new island with flying monkeys on it. Hmmm. Perhaps it is time to show him The Wizard of Oz -- you know, just to make sure he knows what flying monkeys are really all about.


Tia Juana said...

I could never go to his island, because I hate flying monkeys - they freak me out a bit - however, I might be persuaded to go if the island is lush and tropical and he gives out friends and family discounts for the posh resort there. I could get used to flying monkeys is they deliver me food and non-alchoholic fancy drinks when I want them.

Nancy said...

Ha, that is so funny that you shoudl mention monkeys and non-alcoholic drinks, because Mike and I actually saw a documentary about this resort place that happens to have a lot of monkeys around and the monkeys are always sneaking their drinks and getting drunk! However, some monkeys did prefer the non-alcoholic beverages so I'll have to make sure Abe's island only has the word-of-wisdom keeping kind.

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