Saturday, October 27, 2012


Wednesday night stormed and thundered as we slept. Only; at some point during the night, the pattering of rain got softer and softer, quieter and quieter as it turned ever so silently into snow. Not a soul in our sleepy little home knew it had happened until the early and dark hours of the next morning when we yawned, rolled protestingly out of bed and thought, “Wait. The darkness outside looks different. It looks soft and gentle and . . . snowy!” The kids all met the sight with gasps and shouts of happy unbelief, and it was with disappointment that they put on backpacks rather than snow pants to head out into the day.

Luckily it was a short day. A neighbor usually brings the kids home from school, but on that day they all walked together instead – arriving home long after I expected them (with soaked pant legs and cold fingers) due to the delays brought about by snowball throwing. Their cheeks were rosy and flushed and aching from all the smiling they’d been doing.

I still hope to see some warm fall days; but, while there was an excess of grumbling from the local facebookers over snow in October and winter coming too soon, the first snowfall of the season was nothing but celebration around here -- and rather lovely to look at as well -- sneaking in with the fall leaves as it did.




Rhonda said...

So beautiful!! I'm a little jealous of your fall/ was 95 here today!

Perla said...

Oh I do long for the magic of the first snowfall! I hope we'll have one here this year!

Perla said...

Oh I do long for the magic of the first snowfall! I hope we'll have one here this year!

Jaymerz said...

Thank you for leaving that sweet comment on my blog, which then led me to yours!! You pictures are beautiful and your kids adorable!! My kids were thrilled with the first snow the other day, although we didn't get very much and it was gone before noon :).

Krissy-loo said...

Nance, I LOVE your photography! So jealous--in a good way :)--of that talent! These pictures are so great. And I love how you capture the little moments through kids' eyes. You are just the best!

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