Friday, October 5, 2012

Anders at One

Holding my new little car.                                           Oop. Dropped my new little car.

I love my little newborns. They are magic and fragile and their entire existence seems wholly impossible. I can’t even think of holding one of my tiny new ones with out feeling ridiculously strong emotions.

However . . . I am so happy and so content being here. A year later. With this little nothing-like-a-newborn fella.

I know, I know. We never want to wish any stage away. Waiting for tomorrow . . . there is probably some perfectly coined little statement about that . . . something about always waiting for tomorrow leaving us with nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays. Or something.

But, I do think, even if we aren’t waiting for something exactly – even if we are enjoying the days as they come – we can still look back and be pretty happy over what time – all those cumulative tomorrows that have become our yesterdays – has gone and given us. I love that a year of living has produced a little independent soul who sleeps through the night, and feeds himself (albeit rather messily), and says a few tiny animal sounds and words, and tries to walk with wobbily little side steps that end in a fall, and zooms cars about the house.

It is impossible to celebrate that first birthday with out thinking back to that very day a year earlier – everything so new and unknown and life changing. And while there is inevitably some sadness over how quickly it has past, it is also a very happy thing to see how that moment of life-changing has worked its little change and settled itself so happily into your normal.

And now a few pics of the birthday boy:

“I see those cupcakes and if someone doesn’t give me one this instant I am going to have a breakdown!!”

“Wo. You’re not just giving me one . . . you’re giving me one with a fire on top of it!”

I can’t tell you how much I love love this round head and this fuzzy strawberry hair!

It is kind of fun celebrating with so many siblings to ooh and ahh over the little birthday boy.
If you look closely in the above picture you can see Goldie’s hand waving goodnight to Anders.


Shannon said...

what a fantastic birthday post and what a good way to look at the change. he is so dang cute! i can't wait to kiss his cheeks in a couple weeks!

Valérie (Poetic chronicles) said...

Oh total awesome cuteness!! :)
And yes, those mixed feelings of seeing one stage away and another one already set, and it never stops. But no empty yesterdays and no bitter present days, and such amazement in discovering a new stage in a young life...I share your satisfaction of savouring each stage and what is being brought and triggered. Beauty in all instants!

Ashley said...

LOVE. My favorite was “I see those cupcakes and if someone doesn’t give me one this instant I am going to have a breakdown!!” and the accompanying photo. Oh goodness. That is so perfect.

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