Friday, October 12, 2012

“Good Things Keep on Coming”

I think we must be careful, with others of course, but also with our own selves, that we don’t let one trait or word that occasionally describes us, completely define us. I’ve described myself in times past as a bit of a worrier.

In fact, as I started writing this post, the first sentence was something like, “I tend to be a worrier”. But I paused before continuing, then backspaced and started afresh. It felt a little unfair to myself -- to my growth, to the faith I have exercised, to how far I have come, to the help I constantly receive from our Heavenly Father; to simply continue with my own idea of myself placed squarely in the “worrier” category.

It is true that, from a very young age, my thought processes have tended to lean in the direction of worry. I’ve struggled often with the “what ifs”. I’ve mentioned the time, as a child, when I stubbed my toe; how terrified and overwhelmed I felt by the idea that I would have more injuries ahead – countless more moments of pain. I’ve probably also told of my dad’s concerns about how I would function in life when I could hardly enter school for fear that the other kids might have a pencil sharp and at the ready while mine might have a broken tip. Or how I couldn’t really contemplate the joy when taught of the wonder of the resurrection because I was busily worrying about all these resurrected folks wandering about – making it difficult for me to find my parents.

But I haven’t mentioned that I’ve come a long long way since then. While I do get anxious, while I suppose that bouts of major anxiety could loom in my future, while initial thoughts of mine might tend to be of the nervous nature, that is not where I stop and stay. It is not who I am. I have learned a great deal about hope and faith and trust. I’ve been able to, if not fully overcome, then, at least, grow and learn as I’ve dealt with my concerns; as I’ve managed, time and again, to place my little doubts and burdens at the Lord’s feet and climb upward past them rather than sit -- crippled by them.

The other day I was feeling some stress over several upcoming things. It is, I’ll admit, rather ridiculous, how quickly stress over a few details of a children’s Primary Program can somehow, in my hands, turn into: My feet will never heal well enough to run again! I will probably have lots of other church callings that will stress me out in my life! What if something happens to my Mike? What if Jesse’s asthma always stays this bad?

And yes, I can begin to feel, for a minute, like this whole “we are sent to this earth to be tested” business means nothing but long lonely roads of trouble and difficulty ahead.

BUT, then I reground myself – a little whispering from the Spirit reminds me that my self, my life, are more; are bigger than just a jumble of little problems and possible major catastrophes. Yesterday, it was a small article at the back of The Ensign that did it. It was just a page written by a fairly young girl who had been reminded, as she sadly watched happy times come to an end, that “Good Things Keep on Coming”.

Silly me. I already know that. I forgot though. . . . Again. For a little second. But that reminded me.

There is not just the stubbed toes -- that might keep happening for the rest of our lives -- that we have ahead of us. Why, who would even bother to think about how many of those there might be, when, instead, they could think about all the Christmas mornings with little kids ahead, and all the moments of their spouse saying things that make them burst out laughing ahead! There are more trips to Bear Lake, and Thanksgiving dinners, and sitting around in happy conversation with our siblings ahead. There are more moments of everyone erupting in cheers around here when Anders accomplishes some small new feat, more late summers of seeing my Zinnias in full bloom.

There are surely more days ahead where the weather will smell like happiness and I can be out running in it, more days of Christmas music on while it snows outside, more days of kids coming home from school to tell me something grand they accomplished. There will be more taking pictures in perfect lighting, and writing blog posts that make me and maybe even a reader or two happy. There are still people I haven’t even met who will become my close friends. Still times of kissing Mike when no one else is around. There are songs that haven’t been written yet that I will love to replay and replay. Why, there might even be a day when I have paid someone to come and wash all my windows perfectly for me so they will gleam and shine with out my having lifted a finger! Imagine!

And there are big things ahead! Tremendous things that I don’t yet even know anything about! There are huge things my kids will learn and become and do. There are happy marriages and homes they might make. There are unknown adventures and vacations and experiences and surprises in store. Goodness! I could go on and on thinking of all the things that will yet come – times of sleeping while it rains outsides, unexpected notes and compliments that will make my day, game nights with my older nieces and nephews, etc. Yes, there is plenty of struggling still to be done. I know it. My weaker self is always trying to bring that to the forefront of my thoughts. But truly: good things will keep coming. So so many good things will keep coming and keep happening!


The Whittle Clan said...

Thanks for putting things into perspective for me today. I needed to read that post. There are so many trials in life that we have to still go through but I do indeed think, like you said, that we have so much more to look forward to in life. If we would just think more positively we might enjoy them a little more. Thanks so much Nancy for your beautiful post. Love reading your blog. You are an inspired writer. Miss you.

Lara said...

Yes, excellent post and reminder. I too have the primary program coming up and everything else that comes up when I start to stress. I just try to remember that the mishaps that happen are the things that the parents seem to love. The kid hanging over the ledge, or the one that eats the mic during his part. Its all good.

The little tender mercies that come our way during the tough times though are amazingly sweet.

Nancy said...

Kelli! Thanks so much for your comment! I mostly just write because it makes me happy, but, every now and then I feel silly rambling away on here, and it means a lot to know someone not only read it, but cared about what it said. We miss you guys too. WA was such a big adventure in our lives that everyone who was a part of it is etched permanantly on my mind!

And Lara, yes, thank you for that reminder. I worry too much that people will be critical or think I'm doing a crummy job -- I forget that truly most people will only love anything to do with the Primary kids!

Perla said...

I loved that post so much. I really needed that boost of positive thoughts about all the wonderful things we have in store for us. Thank you. Love you so much!

Heather said...

That's a good reminder. Thanks. Good things ARE coming.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

What a positive and uplifting post! That is so true! Sometimes I get down when going through hard trials and it sometimes seems as if it will never end but there are so many good things to come! So many happy moments and fun times that we don't even know about yet :) Thanks for the reminder

Ashley said...

Nancy, I am so grateful for you and your blogging. I hope you know that. It seems like all the day long I blog in my head. I think of what I would say if I were blogging, and I have all sorts of wonderful thoughts and ideas and accounts of great and/or silly experiences I've had. I fall asleep at night typing away in my little brain about the joy I feel in my life and all my blessings. The problem is I hardly ever actually blog anything. Part of me is very sad about that, but then I read YOUR posts, and they are so wonderful and clever and well-written, and they truly capture the beauty of life and living, and I think HA! I could just take Nancy's posts, tweak a word or a phrase here and there a bit, and voila! It is a relief to me know that though I am not capturing these moments in writing, SOMEbody is. Thank you. I love you and your blog and your beautiful photographs and your family and your mike.

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