Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Farm Day

Mike’s parents own a large chunk of rural land about 45 minutes from us. While it is called the “Pea Viner” land by some (yes, there used to be a machine there for separating peas from vines and pods), it is known by all of the grandkids simply as “Grandpa’s Farm”. Mike’s parents don’t actually live and “farm” on it, but it has become the place for most family outdoor adventuring – whether it be shooting bb guns, riding 4-wheelers, or paddling around canoes.

Saturday was looking to possibly be one of the last nice days of the year, so we met up with Mike’s dad, and Mike’s sister Lisa’s family and had ourselves a grand old farm day.

The combination of blue skies, purple mountains, brush and reeds, combined with kids having such great dirty fun makes taking pictures impossible to resist  – I generally come home with 200 or so. Thank goodness for living in the age of digital photos.


NatureGirl said...

Such great pix!

Perla said...

I wish we had a farm for farm days. So cool. And wonderful pics. I like the 3 generations one the best. Mike is 6th on his family even, right? Love you and glad I got to spend all day Friday with you before your farm day. What do you eat on farm days?

Nancy said...

Close, Shan. Mike is 7th out 8 kids. And for eatins', it is most often smores and hot dogs. Sometimes somebody runs into "town" and gets Little Ceasar's instead!

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