Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Being Clever Gets You

Mike isn’t around much. So, mostly, our lawn just grows really really long in the summer. Sometimes Mike decides enough is enough and, despite the onset of late evening, heads out to get the rather long job done. Other times, I decide enough is enough and, with Anders napping, Jesse following on my heels with a small riding toy, Penny and the older kids wandering in and out calling about this kid pushing or that cup spilling (necessitating the constant stopping and restarting of the lawn mower), I, in pausing chunks based on what is happening with my six small kids, get the job done.

Today, however, after mowing all of the front sections, I have set Abe the task of mowing the entire back.

It won’t be easy. There is plenty of sheer area to mow, plus there are awkward obstacles – trampolines and swing sets, garden boxes and curbed flower beds. But I think he might be up to the task. I didn’t give him much direction. I was going to try to explain how to get around all the obstacles all while keeping some type of pattern to the mowing, but it seemed too exhausting, and I decided to just leave him be and let him slowly figure out his own method – even if it might mean a few patchy spots here and there.

I’m not sure what made me decide my 11 year old was ready to take on lawn mowing. It might have been necessity. It might have been that Mike has been saying I ought to. It might have been that he seems a responsible kid. Or, . . .  it might have been that he left me this note by my bedroom door this morning:

Surely any kid who is old enough to leave their mother a note this clever is old enough to mow the lawn.


Perla said...

What a clever funny boy indeed! I can't wait for the day that Andre is old enough to mow the lawn! He is going to love love love it. Haha. Actually, if I have time to do it, mowing is a job I have never minded. I love to be outside and its so satisfying to see beautiful results so quickly. I just don't have the time to keep on top of anything. And...well...the Texas heat takes the joy completely out of it. But good for Abe! And for you!!!

Gayle Harris said...

What a guy! I love his note. I'm sure he'll do a wonderful job mowing, even if it takes him a few weeks to get the hang of it.

Krissy-loo said...

Hahaha. Smarty pants Abe, what a cool boy. I am the mower at our house 99% of the time. And actually enjoy mowing my lawn, because I tell Ellie and Ethan they have to keep the other two alive, and then I turn up my iPod and don't have to listen to anything but music for at least an hour. :)

Nancy said...

Yes, I am with you both. Mowing is actually pleasant and I would choose it over any indoor chore. I just can never keep up. He ended up only missing a few small spots and doing it surprisingly well and quickly. I think I might have Daisy try too so they can alternate.

Ashley said...

Too cool.

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