Friday, June 15, 2012

Let’s Play Ball

Abe hasn’t played baseball since leaving WA back in 2008, but after the 5th grade tournament at school this year he really wanted to play on a rec team, so we signed the fella up.

They have had a bit of a disappointing season, but it is pretty fun seeing kids be part of a team – calling out advice and encouragement: “You got this!” and “Watch for the steal on third!” and the like. It is a fun thing the whole “we’re a team” mentality.

Most of the games I’ve been alone with all the kids because Mike hasn’t been home,  or I’ve sent Mike alone so I could get kids to bed because the game was so late. That has meant little chance for taking photos, but, the other night Mike stayed and got kids to bed while I went to Abe’s late game alone. Sadly I don’t have a zoom lens, and they seem to frown on moms wandering about the field to get pictures. Still, here are a few moments from the game. I love the shots where Abe looks so happy. They had just gotten three outs fairly quickly during one inning, and there was much cheering and high-fiving for the boy who caught the ball for the last out. It was fun to watch.

Here are a few shots of Abe and his good friend Zach in the dugout.

And a few from out on the field.IMG_5284_edited-1IMG_5313_edited-2IMG_5321_edited-1IMG_5323_edited-1IMG_5324_edited-1IMG_5325_edited-2IMG_5326_edited-2IMG_5340_edited-1

Speaking of Abe. When we were at the cemetery after Mike’s grandma’s funeral a few weeks ago, we got to see the grave of Abe’s great great grandpa – the grandpa whose name he bears. I don’t know how it is that we haven’t been to visit it before.

And, unrelated to Abe, but related to the day of the funeral, here is a picture I liked of Mike with his dad and brother.


Perla said...

Those pics of Abe out on the field sooooo.happy make me sooooo happy and teary for all the missing.

The San Diego Mills said...

I've been meaning to tell you for quite some time now how much I love the photos you take of your kids! They are quite beautiful, both the photos and your children. I admire people such as you, who are so talented at photo taking.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

You are seriously such a great photographer! I love those shots of Abe! What fun to watch your son play sports and see him grow!

Ashley said...

Love this! It makes me so excited for when my own boys are older and getting involved in sports. I can't think of anything more fun than going to all their games and seeing this kind of thing. Truly great photos.

marzee said...

These pics are great! Abe will love looking back on them as he gets older.

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