Thursday, June 14, 2012


Daisy has been begging for a trim. Finally, yesterday, I made it happen. When we got there Goldie really wanted one as well. Fortunately hairstylist “Emilie” was able to fit her in too. They both wanted bangs, but I couldn’t allow it. Not because I don’t think they are lovely, but because I simply couldn’t bare to worry about upkeep. Considering that I take my girls for a trim about once a year (if that), I didn’t think I could manage something that would need regular trimmings . . . and you might think I could just do it myself . . . unless you’d ever seen what I’ve tried to “do myself” in the hair world. No good.

That evening I snapped a few pictures of them in the backyard so they could remember their haircuts. Only afterwards did I realize that these pictures don’t actually showcase their haircuts much at all. They just look really cute! (Poor Goldie didn’t last long. She’d been petting Jumpy  -- her best and most allergy inducing friend – and had to go get Benadryl in her.) So, one of the both of them, and then several of Daisy.


Krissy-loo said...

Ooooo. Very nice! We love new haircuts. :) And how very super-modelish Daisy looks! :)

Perla said...

So cute!! Darling style on both of them. was it flat ironed? Cute pics beautiful girls.

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