Saturday, February 5, 2011

Penny Conversations

The other day Penny, Jesse and I drove to Krispie Kreme to buy a dozen donuts. Yes, I had just left the gym, and yes the drive was more than one should be willing to take just for donuts, but never mind that. The cashier gave us each a free donut (I guess for buying a dozen?). Penny insisted we sit on one of their little tables to eat our free ones, so we did. On the way home, however, she kept insisting she needed another donut. Our conversation went something like this:
Penny: Mom, can I just see in the donut box?
Me: Why do you need to see in it, honey?
Penny: Mom! Please! Can I just see in it.
Me: Alright, you can see in it. (I show her the donuts.)
Penny: Mom, can I just have another one?
Me: No, silly, you just had a whole donut.
Penny: Please mom!
Me: No honey, we will have some later with the kids.
Penny: Can I have one when I go for naps?
Me: No, but do you know what you can have? When we get home you can have some lunch!
Penny: Can I have a donut for lunch?
Also, yesterday I was mixing some orange juice in the morning with our little hand held electrical mixer thing (I don't know what it is called, I just know it makes orange juice be all frothy -- which I like). Penny said (as if suddenly discovering the answer to some mystery), "Mom! I sometimes hear that sound at night!"

"Do you?" I asked, "I do sometimes use this to make orange juice at night."

"When I hear it," Penny continued, "I sometimes talk to myself."

"You do?" I questioned, laughing, "And what do you say to yourself?"

She smiled. "I say. 'I wish that wasn't on.'"Cute girl. But geez Louise. Someone should wash the mirror in those pictures. Really!


Perla said...

awesome conversations and again...super cool pics! its amy teaching you actions or something, isn't it?

marzee said...

i love the dirty mirror. It looks like something you purposely did in photoshop to make it look all artsy. Flaws are what make art great!

Nancy said...

Marz, bless your heart for saying my dirty mirrors look artsy! I need more people like that around me!

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