Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little Blogging Info

I am putting this on here just because I think it might be of interest to many of my blogging friends and family out there who have been wanting to make their blogs into printed books.

As I've mentioned, I've done two such books so far and am working on a third. I love having them right here in our home, but it is a lot of work to get them ready to print. I have been using the booksmart software (I think most bloggers I know have used this). It does slurp your blog up, but you really still have to go through and edit every single page. Once you know how to really work with and change their formats, you can get your posts just how you want, and I do think it is really fun to be able to choose different backgrounds for each page, or have a picture take up an entire page, etc. Still, it is time consuming, and I think a lot of you have been wanting to do it, but putting it off because you don't want to dig in and commit to figuring out how to edit the pages, etc.

Soooo . . . that brings me to this: my cousin Jenn started blogging fairly recently, so I was a bit amazed when she said she had already printed off several books. That is, until she told me about this website for doing blog books: Blog2Print

I haven't done it myself, but it sounds ridiculously easy, so it might be the answer for all of you who want the book minus the work. My cousin said you basically go in, give them your blog address, choose the type of cover you want and picture you want on it, tell them which posts you want included in the book (like Jan. 1, 10 - Dec. 31, 10), and print your book. I think it basically just tries to keep the layout as you have it already in your blog.

You do loose a little flexibility -- for example, I think the pictures are all just a standard size and, at this point, you can't choose to make some bigger or to go in and change the layout of certain pages, but the pics she sent me of her finished book looked great, and for so little work, it might be worth it to some of you to loose a little of the say about each page's look.

Anywho, toodle-lous,


Krista said...

Wow! You mean I could have a coffee table book, but for the bathroom? All those pictures of public bathrooms and strange stories. HA! One day I'll be a real blogger!

Perla said...

sweet! i'm going to check it out. i'm so super behind because of the daunting task of actually editing the book to make it work. i am going to try this asap.

Perla said...

have you tried it yet? i just went there and the sample shows that it even includes comments, which i think is kind of fun...if you want them.

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