Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goldie and her Mom

The other day Goldie made an interesting observation. "Mom," she said, "you forget a lot of things, and I remember a lot of things."

Here was another recent conversation:

Me: Thanks you guys for helping me earlier when I was sad.
Goldie: You're welcome. Why were you sad?
Me: Oh I don't know. I was just feeling kind of overwhelmed. That's when you feel like there is just too much you have to do and you can't handle it.
Goldie: I feel that way all the time! . . . When I have to clean my room.

It was comforting to see she knew where I was coming from. Although, I don't know if there two small moments tell more about her keen insights or my often scrambled state of mind.


marz said...

absolutely lub this picture! cute post too. ;)

Perla said...

i love goldie. and you. and i forget things a lot but grace remembers them, so that is nice.

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