Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Abe and Sunny-D

Look at my handsome freckled boy. Why so serious in the picture? I don't know. He can be so very . . . unserious.

Take tonight for example. He was drinking a glass of Tampico citrus drink. Let me pause here, briefly, to say that I can imagine few things that might appeal to me less than the idea of drinking Tampico (basically Sunny-D). The thought of drinking such a thick (OK, I don't actually know if it's "thick") sugary fluid makes me shudder. And, lest you think I am a terrible mom for buying it, I'll have you know I bought it for Mike. He occasionally likes it -- bless his heart.

Anyway, Abe had a little cup full tonight. He took a swallow, grimaced, and said, "You know why I don't like this kind of Tampico?"

"Why?" I questioned (though it seemed to me there could be any number of reasons why one wouldn't).

"Because it kind of tastes like Sunny-D when I'm about to throw-up." (I guess drinking it makes him think of how he would feel if he were violently ill and was offered a cup of the similar drink).

I laughed. "Why are you drinking it then!?"

He shrugged, chuckled, and replied, "Because it's kind of good."

That boy and I get along pretty well. And, we have some good laughs together.


Perla said...

abe is a funny and cool kid. i love him. andre misses him. he is a good cousin.

Tia Juana said...

I kind feel the same way about Sunny-D except I won't drink it. Just hearing his description kind of makes me want to throw up.

I like Abe's freckles.

marz said...

Freckles are the coolest! (I of course have had them since I can remember)

The other day I pointed out to Action that he was getting some freckles - to which he furrowed his brow and said, "I don't like freckles."

I replied, "But I have freckles."

"I know -but I still think you're beautiful."

marzee (con't) -hee,hee said...

NO - correct that. He said, "but I still love you." However, he does tell me I'm beautiful or pretty all the time.

Which makes me think of another story. The other day he was reading a book and noticed that the mom had lipstick but the daughter character in the book didn't. He thought there was something wrong with that. . . .

marz - part 3 (sorry - too bad I can't just edit posts) said...

Apparently all girls should get prettied up.

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