Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes, I know; it would be nice if he'd look at the camera and give me a smile. But he won't. If he is looking at the camera at all, it will be through tears that I am trying to make him take a picture. All I can do is try to capture him going about his little business.
One funny thing: The other day we were at the grocery store. As we walked past an isle, he glanced down and, seeing someone take something off of a shelf, shouted angrily, "Hey! Put it back!"
Happy 2nd birthday my little Cubby boy.


jami said...

wow. i can't believe he's 2! he's so adorable... how fast time flies, huh???

ps-GREAT photos!

marzee said...

I love that little corduroy jacket on him. Makes him look like such a big boy.

Oysterblogger said...

very cute and he does not look spitting image of the other kids has his own look and is very handsome good work now its time to get pregnant again!! according to your family standards~

Kelly said...

Beautiful little man-Nancy-pants!

Perla said...

i love this little boy and our toddler boys together and feel so sad that they won't get to be living close to eachother the next years, but i am determined to pray them into best friendship.

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