Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas Eve brunch with my family.

Sister and sisters-in-law (only two missing):

Mom making pancakes:

Christmas morning at our house.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, those are sock monkey nesting dolls you just saw Jesse holding.

At Mike's parents' on Christmas day.

No, that weather doesn't look much like Christmas weather, does it? Well, never you mind. Yesterday winter got its revenge (on Christmas day having neglected it) by dropping several feet of snow and angrily dipping its temperatures down into the low 20's.

It was, by all accounts, a very happy and very lovely little Christmas. (And the presents weren't half bad either!)


jocelyn said...

you look real pretty in those pictures.

jami said...

awesome pics!! and i LOVE the sister/sister-in-law pic ... maybe because i miss you and meg. and really, could shannon look pregnant yet? honestly! :) it looks like it was a great christmas.

marz said...

Fun stuff. Mystery got the same puppy pillow pet for Christmas from Grandma D. Action got a monkey and Bert a purple hippo. They're so soft!

marz said...

PS - are you having Christmas Eve brunch at the church because there are so many of you?

Nancy said...

Marz, yes, anyone who is anyone has to have a pillow pet these days -- only a purple hippo is extra cool, I must say!

And, you are quite perseptive. Yes, that is exactly why the church gym!! We used to have it at my grandmas before she passed away . . . then, for several years we tried my parents' house, but eventually we simply had to go to a church gym! But, that is nice because the kids can run and yell and it doesn't drive you quite so crazy!

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