Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday's Moment

(Brought to you by: Grandpa's Farm). "Ohhhh, we're on our way, we're on our way, on our way to grandpa's farm. We're on our way, we're on our way, on our way to grandpa's farm." That's a real little song by the way. My kids have it on a little CD of theirs. I wish you all knew it so you could have sung along with the proper melody as you read. Anyway, yes, Monday's moment is brought to you by grandpa Al's farm. Monday, as you know, was a holiday, so we headed off with a number of Mike's siblings and their kids to some land his parents own not far from here. The weather was perfect. They canoed, kayaked, rode 4-wheelers, motorcycles and the tractor, shot BB guns and bows and arrows, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, looked for frogs, swung on rope swings, and simply had some good old fashioned messy fun. I thought these daily moments would turn out more ordinary. Instead, they are more like extraordinary!

Here Abe shoots an arrow like a pro.
Jesse tries to make a break for it and ride to freedom on a small motorcycle.Out on grandpa's pond (this is also where the many frog sightings occurred).
A bunch of grand kids 4-wheeling with grandpa (yes, we follow the "safety first" motto in all we do).
Mike's sister Kimberly with her kids on the canoe (also Penny behind and Mike's arm doing some paddling -- Mike handles a canoe with perfect grace and skill I should add).
Niece Tori showing off how tasty her s'more is.
Nephew Aaron on grandpa's tractor.


Tia Juana said...

One time we were riding four wheelers on Rod's family's ranch and little boy Nate was on the front and Rod hit a rock and off little boy Nate popped and the four wheeler ran him over. It was one of the most scary moments of my life because he was knocked unconscious and had a big tire track across his chest and he was bleeding from his ear and we were an hour away from Cedar City and in my head he was dead but of course he lived and only had to have his ear glued back on (really) and then he was fine and now he has a good story to tell about living through a four-wheeler crash even though its all good fun.

marz said...

I love the pic of Jesse with the motorcycle. My neighbor down the street just inherited a couple of Honda 50s from his brother.

They're little 50cc bikes that look like grown up bikes - but shrunk down to little kid size. They go about 30/35 mph. Anyhow . . . he's fixing them up to teach his little girls how to ride them. That's what he learned on.

I saw those bikes and wished I could have them to play with. This weekend - when driving up a mountain with lots of switchbacks - I found myself wishing I was on a motorcycle. I guess my dad ingrained the need for a bike when you're in the twisties with a lot of beautiful scenery. One of these days. .. .

Bytheway - it's fun seeing your family doing ordinary things. So precious.
(PS - why is it that I always write about myself in these comments? It's like I'm using your blog as my own because I'm too lazy to do any real blogging. ugh - sorry so selfish)

Nancy said...

Marzers. I love you. No no. You aren't always "writing about you" -- at least not as you meant it. I love when something I've posted is relatable and reminds people of some similar experience. Somehow that makes my posts seem more meaningful. But, I actually do really love the idea of my comment section being what you decide to use instead of your own blog. That made me laugh out loud. I might go cut and paste all my own comments from others blog posts and see if I can come up with some interesting posts of my own!

Nancy said...

P.S. I think the motorcycle in the photo with Jesse is a Honda 50 . . . or maybe a Honda 80. There was one of each size up at the farm, and yes, they are quite a hit with the kids. I've never ridden a motorcycle by myself, so maybe I'll just start practicing on the little 80 that we have (even if I do look like a circus clown on a too tiny bike).

jami said...

can i be adopted into the family so i can come play at grandpa's farm?? looks SO very fun!!!

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