Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just for Kicks . . .

and maybe to inspire myself with ideas for blogging material (as I feel a little dried up in that department of late), I am going to post a picture (or a few pictures as the case may be) of a random thing, person, or little happening from each day for the next week. Maybe something very exciting will come of it. More likely lots of very ordinary somethings will come from it, but that's alright. At least they will be ordinary somethings that will now be kept and remembered when they would otherwise have been forgotten. Good idea, maybe? Who knows. We'll see.

Anywho, on with today. Saturday's little moment: A good dad moment.

The girls were very grumpy today. Abe got to go with a friend's family to the local swim complex while they were left here with absolutely NOTHING to do. NOTHING, I say because if you think painting rocks or getting out the sissy kid pool and some sprinklers cuts it when Abe is off swimming, well, you're quite wrong (as was I when I suggested those things). I wasn't being as sympathetic as I might have been, luckily, Mike suggested the two of them come with him to look for cheap books at the D.I. and then have a chocolate cake party. "Where are you going to get chocolate cake?" I asked, "At the store," Mike assured them, and so they did.
Here Mike is reading the free newspaper I got when someone tried unsuccessfully to get me to sign up for the paper at the store (but gave me a free one anyway). Notice the lovely chocolate cake for the chocolate cake party at his elbow. I love the contrast of that oh so feminine little cake next to my so obviously not feminine in any way husband.I guess the girls needed ice cream as well.
There. Day one of picture posts complete.

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Tia Juana said...

I remember being in these girls same shoes - sad and feeling left out with all the older kids going off and having fun with out me. One time, my dad came to the rescue too. He took me and my sister to the store and bought us some rollerskates. The ones that looked like tennish shoes. They were all the rage at the time. We bought them at LaBelle's. Do you remember LaBelle's or was that before your time. Anyway - rollerskates or chocolate cake, it doesn't really matter much, sometimes its just having a dad that wants to make you feel special that turns a sad day into a memorable one!

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