Friday, April 2, 2010

More From Trouble Maker

The other day Mike came home from work to find bathrooms blockaded by chairs and what not. He didn't have to say anything like, "What's all this about?" He just nodded and said, "Jesse learn some new trick in the bathroom?" And I just confirmed that yes, yes he did. Of course he did. He's a smart boy, so he's ALWAYS learning new tricks. Like to take out all the heater vents and throw them down stairs and in garbage cans, or how to not just unroll the toilet paper roll, but how to tear off tiny pieces and scatter them through out the house. Or, how to take DVD players apart. He's basically a mischief genius.

We have those darn door handles that you just pull down to open. Way too easy for smartypants. So, the other day, Mike added a few heavy round handles to a few doors. When Jesse crawled up to Abe's room for his usual mischief and found that his door opening abilities had been stymied (you know how he LOVES not only to access his mischief, but how he loves simply to open and shut doors over and over), he collapsed in utter weeping misery.
But, he quickly found something to take the place of the few doors he now can't open. We have bar stools that rotate, or at least they did rotate, but they don't much anymore because Jesse has discovered that if he prys the top off of a stool, he can take the little thing that makes it rotate off and play with it. And, he can even pop out the little silver discs out of it so that even when we put it back on, it will no longer rotate anything.
Look at that little stinker. So happy with all his naughty smartness. I love him.


Jill said...

I can so relate! But doesn't he just look so proud of himself and just pleased with his wonderful place in life. I have a bit of a soft spot for troublemakers and mischief makers. I think I would really love Jesse.

Tia Juana said...

It's post like this that remind me why I am such a better mother now than before. I however, think you are a better mother at this stage of your game than I ever was because you can laugh about it. Or, maybe its just because you are able to write it out and seeing it all written out makes you see the humor, or what will some day be humorous, and then it seems to be in place, in perspective. Even if your heater vents and barstools are not at all in place.

Having to replace door knobs? Sheesh. We better see great things from that kiddo - in like 20 plus years!

And he better get you some mighty fine mother's day presents when that time comes.

marz said...

Funny cuteness.

Amber said...

What a cute boy! I love that smile on him! I often find random objects in our garbage cans, too. It's a good thing they're so darling at this stage.

Krista said...

Oh my heck-tic! You've got your hands full! He'll probably be like a mechanical engineer or something and he's just doing the taking things apart to see how they work. Now you just gotta get him to put them back together! Genius he is!

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