Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When you change your blog name to a name about chickens being in your window well, soon EVERYONE wants a piece of your window well chicken (I don't mean a piece to eat . . . though some of you might want that, but it's not happening). Or, if they actually don't want anything to do with your window well chicken, they want something to do with your other chickens. Chickens you probably don't even have!!Chickens that are more chicks than chickens.
Chicks that they assume you have just because you have a chicken in your window well. But, when they make those crazy requests, you don't even respond because you are above that sort of thing. You won't have people left and right assuming that just because you have one full grown chicken, you likely have every other type of chicken -- including not full grown chickens. But then, you humble yourself when you realize that they know you far better than you know yourself . . . or at least know your husband better than you do . . . or just even a tiny fraction as well as you do . . . which is enough . . . enough to know that one chicken in your window well assuredly means more chickens/chicks will soon follow.Well hello, honey, aren't you handsome.(Look, that little one thinks he's an eagle . . . how disappointed he's going to be when he learns the truth someday)
Here is the funny email Mike sent to his family about it:
I have been twice blessed this Easter season. First, I purchased six baby chicks which have been a delight to all. Second, one of the chicks have been prominently featured in a blog header http://atypicalmormonchick.wordpress.com Nancy was the photographer so she does deserve some credit. I have great expectations for this chick, but of course I love them all in their own way.
That blog link is to a friend's blog. She was starting a blog about her day to day life as a "Mormon Chick" and was the one who requested I send her a picture of a chick with a Book of Mormon BEFORE I even had a chick! OR a Book of Mormon (oh wait, we do have quite a few of those . . . though, Daisy did lose hers . . . and Mike thought he lost his for a week til I found it under my dresser where I accused him of hiding it so we wouldn't be able to read it together).

Anyway, I feel like I am a famous photographer now what with my chick displayed so prominently in someones blog header. In case you didn't click on the link, this is the picture she used.
Look how cute our little chick looks. No wonder Mike's so proud of the little fella (the "little fella" might actually be a girl).
Here are a few others I took (before trying to blur the lines in the paper out with our paint program). Mike's favorite is the last one because he thinks those two tiny little gray chicks are the cutest things he's ever seen (excluding our children I assume).
They are pretty tiny and I think they are in constant danger of having their eyes pecked out by the bullying bigger chicks.
He isn't certain of the variety of chicken they are, but told me they might grow up to be Blue Cochins -- which look something like this:
He also told me that that is what we are too strongly hope for because if they don't turn out to be Blue Cochins, then they might turn out to be Silkies . . . which look like this:and would clearly make us the complete laughing stock of any and all chicken owners.


Tia Juana said...

LIsten chick, you not the real chicks, I had no idea when I encouraged you to change this blog that it would take over your universe. I don't really have any idea what to think of any of this - the kid pictures are cute and all, until I look closely and see that there are CHICKENS RUNNING AROUND YOUR HOUSE!!!! This does and does not disturb me. It looks very sweet and innocent but once you let them roam, when will you draw the line? You should decide that now and state it very matter of factly lest Mike be bringing those little chicks indoors when they are not so little anymore. I speak from experience, YES experience, from working at the Mt. Ogden Chicken Welfare farm that chickens create a lot of poop. Just saying....

And, I so very, very much love the picture you took of the spiritual chicken, very sweet, really.

And I really hope your chickens turn out to look like that funny one with the pompadore on his head. That would make me so happy you have no idea.

But now, I am wondering why, after all this chicken posting and blog name changing, you have not posted a picture of the chicken in the window well? And, where are all these little chicks living? In the window well?

(Please do not say they are indoors.)

(And, please, more than anything, do not say they are indoors, in the basement, under some warm lights?!?!?)

Anonymous said...

Seriously - those are the hottest chicks around! And I don't mind if you tell your friends that the site is mine. . . . This egg has cracked (as will be evidenced by future articles, I'm sure.)

Love ya!

marzee said...

That atmchick woman really ought to give credit where credit is due.

Seriously though - what kind of hens are best for laying edible eggs? Will any chickens do? And if there isn't a rooster around . . . . that means that the eggs will never be fertilized and turn into real chickens - right?

And - I heard there were laws about having roosters. I think there's a new law about it here in WA. I recall hearing something about it the past few days.

Are you a licensed chicken tamer? Do they pay rent for their well? Can an out of town visitor rent your well? Or maybe - reserve it for a future date (seeing as how it is the place to be these days)?

marzee said...

PS - I want to know what Mike's great expectations are for that chick. . . .

Pageant winner maybe? She is quite the looker.

jocelyn said...

yeah that little chick has quite the attitude in that picture. she looks like she is sticking her bum out at the camera!

Nancy said...

P.S. Tia, I know I know!! If I wrote one more thing about chickens I'll bash my head into a wall repeatedly . . . but it can't be helped . . . it's like the name cursed the entire blog and no matter what you try to type here anymore, your fingers will keep being drawn to keys typing out c-h-i-c-k-e-n. It's all very disturbing. I mean I did add "and other stories" to the title. Please blog, please haunted blog ALLOW the OTHER stories!!

Nancy said...

Ay yi yi!!! That P.S. comment was a P.S. to a whole long comment I just typed answering various questions . . . only now that comment is nowhere to be seen! WHAT?

Anywho, Tia, the chicks only got to be inside for a brief moment of kid greetings and picture taking. Now they are in a big tupperware thing full of hay in the garage (yes, with a warming light). Soon Mike will put them and the window well chicken in a little side part of our yard with a gate and a little mini coop. Only, he will have to give some to his aunt or something because we can probably only have two or three since we aren't really living on a farm of any sort.

Marz, I will look into what the going rate for window well rentals is these days, and I don't know what big things Mike sees in our chicks future, but surely fame and fortune of some kind after her photo taking success. maybe she'll lay golden eggs!

Perla said...

well, the silkies aren't as bad as i thought they might be. i think they're pretty cool looking, actually, so i hope they ARE silkies. way cool book of mormon/chick pics!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Now I know why my readership jumped from 2 to 60 hits in one day! I should hire you and Mike for photography AND marketing. Do you accept visa or chickenfeed?

And knowing this spike was a one time phenomenon and that it had nothing to do with my posts . . . . :( shucks. Dang it! I've done nothing to secure this flocking readership . . . I should have written about chickens.

Maybe you'll come read tomorrow anyway? I promise to be thought provoking (for once).

Anonymous said...

I need to come snuggle your baby chicks :) you are too funny! the pictures turned out so cute. Love you all!

Amber said...

Ohhhhh!!! My kids are dying over these pictures!!! I love how the little Book of Mormon chick is looking back over his shoulder- so cute! And I must say my vote is for the Silkies!!! And I, for one, am very happy your blog has been taken over by chickens! Haunted Schmaunted-- more like Enchanted!!!

Nancy said...

Haunted Schmaunted -- more like Enchanted!!! That is my favorite thing you have ever said. Yes, thank you, I will refer any and all visitors who may be tired of my chickening to your comment so they know how blessed they are to be here!

Nancy said...

P.S. Amber, hopefully looking at these pics of kids holding chicks with out their fingertips or eyes poked out will help undo some of the damage of Steve's terrifying bedtime stories (although, my first ever chicken post long ago did detail how our mean little rooster would try to attack me when I'd go to feed him -- so keep them far away from that post. Also, a friend was blogging about how strange her friends thought she was for once having a bed in an abnormal spot in her house, so I told her about your beds around the house post and how it is the cool thing and she could tell her friends she was ahead of the times.

Kelly said...

You really need some of the plans for a coop from my brother-in-law. His coop is SWEET. It has two stories and lights! They still haven't eaten the crazy one yet.

What? I go out of town for two seconds and you decide to become a gardening guru by actually growing plants from seed? Nancy you are WAY out of my league.

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I find the little chicks with the Book of Mormon pictures adorable! Specifically just the one little chick on top of the Book of Mormon, he (or she) looks so interested in reading the title. Cute little things!

Amy said...

I seriously can't stand how great every one of your blogs is/are. (hmm one = is, blogs = are. I think its "is". Anyway, great, great photos of the chick and the b of mormon. And I love your kids dialogs.

Kit J said...

Now you are a photographer???? Well of course I knew that from all the wonderful photos you post but I can't take it that you, Shannon, Megan an Amy can all take amazing pictures and I am lucky to get one that isn't completely blurred...dang you sisters...Nancy that photo of the chick on the Book of Mormon was hilarious...great job...ok I must leave you all for a few years...

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