Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Nine Years Older and Wiser Too . . ."

Happy Birthday, Abraham, my first ever little baby.












jami said...

wow. amazing how little people change so much that in nine short years they no longer look like little people but big people. :)

London said...

What a handsome little man you have there! Why does it seem so impossible that you have a 9 year old child!? You must have adopted him (well not really, cause he looks just like you and mike) but still, you definitely do not look old enough to have this 9 year old boy! Crazyness!

Tia Juana said...

he is a cool kid. i can tell. i don't know why my hands aren't hitting the shift button to capitolize things. But, really (there we go shift key) that looked like a grand party for someone who doesn't do the whole friend party thing! Well done my friend. Mother of the Year to you! And Happy Birthdy Abraham Lincoln. (It really is too bad he wasn't born in February, like say Feb. 12.)

marzee said...

Mike - I think you REEEAAALY like that OldNavy Shirt. It seems that you're wearing it in every other picture that Nancy posts of you. Tell me the truth . . . . do you still have it? Is it holding a place in your closet? Does it have its own throne? :)
Oh - and Happy Birthday Abe!
Happy Speacial wonderful day Nancy! ;)

Kelly said...

I am just like your mom. I love the storms. While everyone was grumbling on Sunday about the snow I was so happy. It could have also been because it was my B-day and I thought it was ordered just for me.

Abe = 9! They grow too fast don't they?

BS and the Kids said...

You made Candy Trains! I can't wait to make ours, we are waiting until the 21st, so much fun!

Perla said...

nice train cake! did he request that or did you surprise him with it? glad to hear the party turned out well. and i can't believe its been a year since his baptism and jesse's blessing. wow. i love that boy! happy birthday, abe!

Mugsy said...

That was such a cute idea to go through his age progression. I love Abe, and I love seeing Connor with him.

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