Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nancy Tag

I know I am boring you all to death with my lack of posts. Abe gave a valiant try in resurrecting my blog yesterday (well . . . "valiant"? maybe . . . more . . . "feeble"?), either way, despite his attempts to give my blog life, it just lay there (or probably lie there), motionless.

I am here today -- topicless -- simply trying to break my dry spell. I'm trying to squeeze the tiniest bit of blogging rain out of the dry dry clouds floating through my head. Here is why: contrary to what you would think, the longer I don't blog, the less there seems to be to blog about. You'd think a few quiet weeks and I'd be brimming with tales to tell. You know, tales of Thanksgiving and snow, of Christmas decorating and treats. But no. The quieter I am, the quieter I get. My blog is in real danger of drifting into a very long and peaceful sleep. A hibernation even maybe.

And now you are all thinking of how it has only been about two weeks.

Well, what do you know.

What about last year at this time when, despite all the holiday goings on, I was blogging my little heart out? Of course, I had to post all my angryness over never ever going into labor with Jesse, and then, after Jesse finally showed, I had ever so many hours to blog one-handed as I nursed.
So, I suppose we can't fairly compare this year to last.
Anywho, I am going to pretend I was "tagged" -- you know, with one of those silly little questionnaires that you fill out? Only I haven't been tagged, so I am just going to tag myself with whatever questions I make up. I know what you are all thinking now, "Oh, the vanity! To think you can make up your own list of tagging questions!" But someone somewhere must. Right? So, why not me? Soon you will be seeing Nancy tag alllll over cyberspace (because of course you are all now "tagged" yourselves simply for reading this).

Anyway, let's see what I've got.Thinking . . . thinking . . . waiting for the flood gates to open . . .OK, I've got one . . . oooh, I'm so excited! Let's see if there is a domino affect and more keep coming!

1. Have you ever been compared to a movie star?
Well, I know everyone is now thinking how I made up this question just so I could brag, and maybe I did, but it isn't really a movie star so much as a day time TV character. Besides, I am excited because it happened only today and it is the first time I have been compared to a star. See, I was wearing this hand-me-down sweater from my sister Megan, and I was actually thinking how particularly cute I must be looking, and then it happened. Goldie said to me, "Hey Mom! You look just like that guy from Blue's Clues! What's his name?"

Me: "Steve?"

Goldie: "Yah! Steve! You look just like him."And then I looked down at myself in my cute hand-me-down sweater and knew it was true. I looked just like Steve. I looked just like a STAR!!

2. Where do you get all your cute clothes?
Alright, fine, I'm not above admitting that the half of my wardrobe that doesn't come from Target comes from my younger sister Megan's cast offs. It's worked out well for me -- even if it does mean that I am a step down in coolness from her (obviously she passes to me only when she has updated her own wardrobe with something more hip). As far as I know it has only backfired once. (See answer to question 1). P.S. Megan, I think it's time you went through your closets again -- the season of giving and all that.

3. Your son Abe guest posted for you yesterday. Would any of your other children make interesting guest bloggers? (You tagged people can shorten this question to "Would any of your children make interesting guest bloggers?").
Oh yes, if Penny could talk the things she could say. Oh wait, she can talk, and she does say those things. I was just thinking of the old "if these walls could talk, the things they'd say" because it is kind of like that. So, if Penny could type, the things she could blog. I always get a good glimpse into all the "dirt" in nursery because Penny loves to tell me things days later like about who ate whose snacks or who cried when someone took the baby stroller they were using. Who knows what light she might shed on our own family dramas.

4. What were two high lights of your day today?
Well, I'm just going to tell you that I ran 10 miles so fast this morning. When I got home I excitedly went to the computer to plug my distance and time into my little pace calculator. I was going to be so bummed if pushing as hard as I'd tried had only gotten me a medium good pace, but it was a better pace than I run my usual much shorter runs. I was quite happy. Plus, I got home just before it started snowing which was much better than the last time that it started snowing and blowing all crazy at the end of one of my runs. I still had about two miles to go and the wind was blowing snow so gustily into my face that I had to glue my chin practically to my neck and stare straight down to run. I decided it was a good time to try out the cosmic connection that assuredly must exist between Mike and I by thinking (as loudly as my brain could think), "Mike, come get your wife! Mike come save me!" and I sent my message on to him with all my mental strength . . . only to discover that the better connection between Mike and I would have been a cell phone connection (as I had considered taking one with me running but had opted not to).

Anyway, that lovely connection was proven a better option for us again just today -- as high light #2 was hanging out with Abe while my little kids slept and Daisy and Goldie made gingerbread houses at my sister's house, and Mike called me from his cell phone to say some clever and funny things. So . . . I guess we can still be soul mates cosmically connected by our cell phones even if we don't have telepathy or ESP or whatever it is where you can read your loved one's mind no matter the distance.

Oh for crying out loud. This little tag thing has spiralled out of control. There are only FOUR measly questions (and we all know a good tag has no less than 50 questions), and yet it has managed to be one million sentences long.

Maybe tomorrow I'll continue this little game with loads of short answer questions. I'll end tonight with a practice one.

5. Do you think it is pleasant to change crib sheets?
No, I think it is a hideous chore. Even more hideous when bumper pads are in the way. Putting on a crib sheet = no fun.


jami said...

oh miss nancy, how glad i am that you tagged yourself. :) how i love your posts ... you make me smile. :)

Perla said...

that photo of you as Steve is the best i've ever seen. your face looks so awesome. you actually look darling.

i hate changing crib sheets. it hurts my cracked fingers so very badly. but i finally figured out miles isn't tolerating oatmeal cereal and so now i don't have as much throw up and diarrhea to change every second.

Mugsy said...

yes that was a pleasent post...I loved all my refrences. And I it was cool that you tagged yourself and made up all those great questions...I have not been blogging or checking blogs all month....sheeesh. I am going to read your others! Love you Meg

Leslie Lynn said...

Nancy, you make me smile! Keep up the creative writing, I know you can't help but be whitty!

London said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
London said...

Wouldn't you think that if my Aunt is so creative that I would be? I love what you come up with! Oh! And your kids! I couldn't help but laugh to see your photo of you as Steve!

Krista said...

Even when you think you're not interesting, you're interesting. How do you manage that?

Kelly said...

I love your posts! Thanks for rambling because you are so interesting and funny of course!

marzee said...

I like this tagging yourself stuff. I think it should be a regular occurrence - because you know all the cool things about you that no one else would think to tag you about. Again, again!
By the way - I like that you have some kind of computer program to track your running. Way cool!

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