Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Mom, Reading, and a Dog Backpack

Maybe I am not quite the dream mom I made myself out to be when I wrote of making Goldie practice her reading daily:Goldie: Mom! Mom? Mom? What is this word?
Me: Hmm?

Goldie: See -- this word. I don't know what it says.
Me: Mm-hmm.
Goldie: Mom!! Look! This word! What does it say?
Me: Oh! Wha? Yah, 'follow' that says 'follow.'

But sometimes I am not so much a dream mom as I am a dreaming mom . . . as in sleepy sleepy sleeping mom.

Speaking of reading though, here are some Daisy reading pics I thought were cute. She looks like she is so puzzled by the mystery of this "A to Z Mysteries" book.

And, nothing to do with reading is this:Things like this are how Mike tries to convince me that life would be impossible without a dog. He may cause us all kinds of inconvenience and trouble. He may jump on our kids -- scaring them senseless. He may leave unpleasant messes about the yard, but who else could carry our snacks and water bottles on a small hike? WHO? I ask you. Who else possibly could? Where would we be with no dog?


Perla said...

oh thank goodness you have a dog!!! i wish i could ever have snacks and water bottles on a hike. but, alas, we have no dog.

daisy looks so awesome in that second pic. she is just trying so hard to figure out something, isn't she?

lastly, i fall asleep every single day while reading with addie and andre. i start out strong, though.

Tia Juana said...

I would just like to know who took that pictures of you sleeping? Jesse? Or did you put the camera on timer knowing that for sure you would soon, like every day, be the drowsing/napping mama you are prone to be. I like to think that it was Jesse. But regardless, I just like that you posted pictures of you asleep on your blog. I must add that to my "to blog about" list.

Also, dogs? Blah! We are babysitting that dog we babysit today and it is Halloween night and they didn't want it over at its house barking and carrying on all night long every time the door bell rang when they weren't home to answer to the trick or treaters so we brought it over here and I am terrible because I put the dog downstairs in the storage room (in its kennel) because I did not want to have to listen to it barking and carrying on with all my trick or treaters. But perhaps I should have just sent it out with Joe to carry around ET's trick or treat bag.....and a water bottle for half way through.


Lover of Sweets said...

I like that someone (Mike?) was watching you sleep! What the freakiness!?
Cool pics of Daisy too.

Bradshaw said...

Great to hear from you Nancy, and I love your blog! We bought a dog last spring and we haven't tried out the snacks and water bottle trick yet... but I guess she is still a puppy and would probably not cooperate!

Nancy said...

Alright all you smart alecs. It was that sneaky daughter Daisy who snapped a bunch of pics of me sleeping. I guess she wanted proof of my mother slacking to blackmail me with later.

Amy said...

I love, love, love the pics of Daisy's puzzled reading. They are so great. Also, I discovered early on in my reading of great big long books to Beau when he was young how mom could fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

jami said...

oh so funny!!:) i love the pics, and i'm SO jealous you have a dog to carry your stuff - although i have a husband. :) guess i shouldn't complain too much!

ps-love the pic of jesse in his hat off to the side. ah, so cute!

and i'm with tia-who took the pic of you "attentively listening" to the reading??

Mugsy said...

I just love those pics. But especially Daisy reading. So so so so so cute! I lve that little girl. O and the dog pack, I remember Josh trying to pull the same wool over my eyes.

Nancy said...

Megan, You are totally to blame. YOU GUYS GAVE US THAT PACK WITH ROCKY!!! Dang you.

Kelly said...

Even though you sleep I still think you are the perfect mom. Your family is so so cute.

Meg said...

That was rather sneaky of Daisy to take those pictures of you. Is she off her special couch yet? I hope so.

marzee said...

I love the dog backpack, the dog cart, and all that craziness. Do they have a dogbath - you know - some way for the dog to administer his own shampoo, flea and tick repellant, and otherwise? Because if that came with a dog - I might be convinced that owning a dog really is worthwhile. Oh - do they give foot massages? If ever you find a dog like that - let me know.
Love you!

marzee said...

PS - On the sleeping note . . . at least you were in the same room. Me? I put on a movie and go curl up in my bedroom. Shhh - don't tell anyone. And you musn't tattle about me sleeping in this morning until 8:20 while my children ran amuck. Needless to say - I rushed to get Bert out the door with homemade lunch and all the other school going necessitites by 8:50. We even read scriptures and said family prayers! See - who's to say you can't do it all and get your daydreams in too?
GO Nanc!

Nancy said...

Oh Marz. You crack me up. You are so right, the minute they start giving foot massages I will quit all my complaining . . . I will even start letting them stay inside the house!

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