Monday, December 15, 2008


See these? They are trouble. Trouble for me because they are so so delicious. And the thing is, who would ever buy candy cane Kisses? I certainly wouldn't because candy cane just doesn't excite me much. Unfortunately my sister brought me some when I was in the hospital with Jesse and now I am ruined. I crave them every day. They taste just like those pink, green, and yellow mints that have little white sprinkles on the bottom only much creamier. The good thing about me is, although I always crave something, that something does change. The craving usually lasts a few weeks and then I move on. The bad thing is . . . it is never a healthy thing I crave. Every day for two weeks I will have to have Ruffles and cottage cheese. Then I will need Swiss Orange ice cream for the next few weeks. For now it is candy cane Kisses . . . every day.

Daisy told me she snuckily did something the other day. My kids often do something not "sneakily" but "snuckily." I love snuckily.
Yesterday was Mike's parent's mission farewell. It was a great meeting and Mike's dad even sweetly referred to tiny little Jesse in his talk. Goldie told me afterwards that it was the "best church day ever." I asked if it was because of grandma and grandpa's talks, or possibly because Anna was there (an older and worshipped cousin). "No," she said, "It was because of the food! 'Cause I LOVE to eat!" (There was plenty of good eatin' afterwards).

Oh, and let's be honest here. The real reason for any blogging from me at present is: JESSE JeSsE jesse . . . and more Jesse. (And I better post while I can because Mike is home pampering me -- bringing me lunch, doing the laundry, etc. and tomorrow he is back to work. Cry cry. Time for real life again).

Anyway, I tried three times yesterday to film Jesse -- you know lying there, opening his eyes some, waving his arms a little, turning his head sadly wishing there was something to eat. All the things that would be uninteresting for anyone who wasn't in love with him to watch (but you are all in love with him -- if not on his own merits, because you love me and I love him). Here is how it went down:

Film attempt one: Ended when Penny (on film) spewed a bunch of chewed up hot dog out of her mouth.

Film attempt two: Ended when the camera batteries died.

Film attempt three: Ended when Jesse spit up copious amounts all over his tiny self.

I was going to put attempts one and three on here -- just because they were so cute right up until the end, and I thought you all might like to know the truth of life here. . . . Then I remembered that things coming out of other kid's mouths are never as easy to handle as things coming out of your own kid's mouths. So . . .

Instead, a few random thoughts about things with Jesse:
-- If you've seen The Lord of the Rings, you might recall that frighteningly eerie, high pitched, screechy hawk like sound that fills the air when the ring wraiths are coming -- the Nazgul cry. Well our little man with his raspy tiny voice sounds just like that when he starts to cry. A little tiny ring wraith.
-- Even though it gets more and more fun as these babies start interacting with you more and doing fun things, I almost feel like crying every time I hold him to think that in only a matter of weeks he will no longer be this tiny slumpy helpless little being. I love love how he "molds" into me and sleeps away.
-- Speaking of helpless. It is so sadly funny how needy these tiny ones truly are. Poor little ones sucking frantically on any bit of blanket, arm, or finger that comes near their mouth as if perhaps it will sustain them. It makes me laugh in an almost crying sort of way.

-- It is so crazy to have a new little person who is suddenly eternally bound to your family and to think, "What on earth if we hadn't had this one?" It is an impossible thought. However, as my grandparents once replied to that line of thinking when my own parents once made a similar comment, "That way lies madness!"

P.S. I am still enjoying all of your posts . . . it is just generally when I am nursing Jesse that I read them . . . which means one handedness . . . which means it seems like too much work to comment.


Karen said...

trying to remember everything I wanted to comment on. First...the candycane kisses sound divine. I will be sure to stear clear. (just what I need, another addiction.) The "snuckily" thing is so cute. I love the way kids say things like that and it makes me so sad when they out grow it.
And Jesse...he is so sweet... I completely understand why you are so in love with him. (He makes me very "baby hungry.") I have a friend who calls that "Mormon Wine" You know when the wife whines, "I want another baby."

Perla said...

good news...i have 3 bags of candy cane kisses unopened at my house and you can have as many as you want. bad have to come to my house to get them and let me hold jesse while you eat them.

i know you have loved your other babies, but have your forgotten that you didn't really love love newborns and were quite frightened by this tiny little stage? i'm glad it is different this time and that you can appreciate it for all that meg and i love it for!

Nancy said...

Ummm, can't you bring a bag to Amy's tomorrow morning and hold Jess while she takes pics of my kids and I eat them?

No, I have definitely not fotgotten my baby phobia and I am feeling so so blessed to finally be back to relaxed with babies. It took three after Daisy, but I am so happy to be here and calm!!!!

Tia Juana said...

Oh hello there stranger - I feel like I haven't said a thing forever....

You baby is DIVINE! I am so happy that you are enjoying him! They really are a gift from heaven! I do not get baby hungry - EVER - but I have to say, just hearing you go on about that sweet little one has my heart and arms to achin. Please stop now! Or tell my kids to start whining so I can remember why I stopped at 4.

I remember with ET how much I loved to lock myself in a room and escape with just her and I. It was nice to be together as a family, but that alone time was sacred and I remember holding her and smelling her and oh I must stop now before I decide to have more.

I am REALLY so happy you are happy. He is lovely.

And congrats to Mike's parents on the mission. I saw them with T & B down at the concert and they seemed very excited. I can't believe how fast it is all happening for them. Love that H family - all of you!

Mugsy said...

O for a minute I was like....I cannot possibly read an entire post on kisses. BUt I did and so glad I did because only a very small portion was on Kisses. And the rest about all the cuties I want to kiss!

jami said...

you and your cravings! :) i'm glad to know they taste ok, because looking at the bag and reading "candy cane" on them didn't make them too appealing - but i do love those mints you described, but for my own safety i think i'll just safely refrain from buying them. :)

baby jesse is so cute!! and i love love LOVE the picture of you and him. so great ...

Krista said...

Your baby is beautiful and you look beautiful, too. My baby is 8 yrs old and I miss the days they are so sweet and perfect!

marzee said...

I love that you are loving all of the little things that come with Jesse and having a new baby. I'm so happy for you!

Anna Sanders said...

WOW!!! Im worshipped??? Cool!!!!!!!!

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