Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Fabulous Award

Oh how could I have forgotten about this?? Here is the thing, if you traipse about the blogging world very long you see some stuff. One "stuff" you see is precious little blog awards. They are just cute little decorative squares that say nice things like, "Best blog EVER," or "Super Cool Blog." . . . and actually, I don't know that they say those exact things. I don't know because I have never been awarded one of these darling little badges of blog approval. Never that is until NOW! And yes, it was from my very own sister. Still, how great it feels to have been given this: I'd almost say it feels "fabulous!"

Unfortunately these blessed little awards come with "rules" -- rules you are supposed to follow. I simply wanted the praise. Blast. The only part I have trouble with is the tagging others. Not that I don't want to pass this fabulous award along, I just get nervous to "tag" anyone outside of my sisters because blogs are personal (obviously I don't mean personal like "private" since the idea is that someone is reading these posts). I mean people do what they personally want with them and I don't know that anyone wants me to tell them what they have to post. With my own sisters they will simply ignore if they want. Still, I'll see what I can do.

Here are the rules to receiving this award:

You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers in a post.

You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.

You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.

On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

OK, so I linked to Shannon above (and now here). She was the beloved sister who awarded me this fabulous award.

Some fabulous bloggers to pass this on to? Well, I love all the blogs of my friends and family. But for safety's sake I will say:

Megan first off. She is a fabulous blogger and sister in general for always doing nice stuff for me, and bringing me all her clothes she tires of (she shops lots more than I do), and being excited for me about whatever. She seems to switch her blog periodically back and forth between private and open, so if you click on her link you may or may not be lucky enough to see the girl.

Oh, and how about my nieces: Jessica, Ashley, and Kristen. I love when those cute girls post something and they certainly don't nearly enough, so perhaps this will give those fabulous girls some motivation. I've talked about my grown up nieces before, but they make my life so much more enjoyable than it would otherwise be!

OK, who will be the lucky last blogger to be awarded this tiny fabulous square? . . . I would say so many of you . . . ohhhh (biting my nails) . . . how about . . . Sara!! That is right, I am talking to you my niece on Mike's side. You are the lucky fabulous one. Are you even reading this?? Well, you better be and you better get posting your little award along with something else as you also seem to need a little motivation to get you posting more for your sweet aunty to read.

As for five fabulous addictions. Since when are addictions fabulous? Maybe if you are addicted to good things? Like addicted to reading your scriptures? (Oops, maybe that sounded sacrilegious, but it made me chuckle. Besides, I do like to read my scriptures, so there). Anyway, here are some addictions (though this is starting to feel like coming up with "quirks" which only made me feel so like a boring soul).

1. Running. There, that is a fabulous addiction. I haven't ran in three plus weeks now and it makes me so sad. Really, I do love to run. It is pretty much the only "me" thing I have kept doing since having children. But I feel forever blessed that I didn't make the volleyball team in 9th grade and so, heart broken, joined the cross country team. It is how I get my alone time, where I think some of my deepest thoughts, and of course, good for my health. It is hard to find ways to get out what with so many little ones at home and a husband who works long hours, but I love it. I actually feel little twinges of jealousy when I am driving somewhere and pass by someone out running.

2. Blogging. What a fun thing this blog business has been. Fun to read posts of friends and family, and a new "me" thing that I have added to my life -- being able to write little bits of stuff and get a few comments about it is so enjoyable.

3. Treats and baking. Sigh, that is probably not a fabulous addiction, but I do love it. I was always the dessert maker of the family. Sunday's it was a given someone would suggest I go make brownies. I really do have a horrible sweet tooth and while I don't like cooking meals much, I quite enjoy having the kids help me whip up a cake or cookies or some such.

4. Cute clothes for my kids. I'm thrifty enough and luckily for Mike I don't actually enjoy going shopping much (I know, weird) so I don't buy them clothes that often, but I do find myself wanting to buy cute little items of clothing for my kids whenever I see them. Nothing else in stores catches my eye or tempts me nearly as much as a darling little dress or sweater for one of my girls and I get so happy when someone passes on something cute for my kids (like my friend Jessica who just brought me an entire bag of clothes for Daisy that her daughter had outgrown! Thanks Jess!!).

5. A Good Book. I am not always reading. In fact often I am avoiding reading and that is because if I am reading a book that truly interests me I simply can't put it down. Mike will tease that I am the least present and fun wife imaginable when I am in the middle of a book because I will be sneaking it out when we are supposed to be watching a movie together or when he wants to tell me something interesting, etc. But I love how a story makes me feel and how an authors descriptions of children or love or whatever it might be makes me more aware of those things in my own life. I am often sad when a good book is over simply because I miss the people so much and know I can't ever know the rest of their story (and yes, that is how I feel even with fictional characters!). I once made my sister laugh at me for saying I wanted to send the missionaries to baptize Levin from Anna Karenina. And for days I was so sad and missing the family from How Green Was My Valley. Does anyone have a good book for me to read? Maybe you shouldn't tell me as I will then be stuck to it and unable to care for my poor young children until I've finished it! :)

There, did I do all that was required? I'm not sure. I hope so. I don't want this award ripped from my deserving blog by the award patrol due to failure to meet all the requirements!!


Liz said...

I love to read about all of your hobbies. Don't worry another three more weeks and hopefully you can run to your hearts content.

Perla said...

what a nice job. i didn't expect anybody to actually accept this fabulous little award, so i'm glad you did. i like your "addictions". i am the same with books. i wish i could be a bit more moderate and read something over a normal period of time. i did just read 3 cups of tea and highly recommend it. i have it if you want to borrow it. and kath said she just gave you two books. what are they?

Krista said...

I'm so glad that you verbalized you miss the characters and are afraid to start another book! I just finished "Grace" by Richard Paul Evans and I'm not quite finished mourning the end of the story, characters, etc. Sweets and running don't seem to go together - how do you do it? :-)

Sara said...

I will post on this award just as soon as I write something about the Sugar Bowl... ya gotta give me a break, I only got home this morning!

Mugsy said...

Hmmmmmm.....thank you????
That was very nice things you said about lowly old me. Anywho, I love you and enjoyed your posty postem. off to read the others.

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