Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Super Great Footage

If this video is really here, which I still don't truly believe, then it may be some of the worst video footage anyone has ever put on their blog -- showcasing, well, pretty much nothing.

Here is the thing though, I have had some very cute footage I've wanted to post in the last month or two. I really wanted to put some I'd taken one day of Penny. She was just lieing on the floor eating an apple telling me cute tiny things. I also wanted to post some footage I captured of Abe reading to all of the girls because my kids aren't usually so super sweet and kind as they appeared at that moment. Unfortunately, I have had no luck posting any of this footage. I think maybe the higher quality of my new camera makes it too big to upload? I don't know. Do others out there know? Do I have to shrink it somehow with some program before I try to load it on my blog?

Anyway, after all that no luck, I messed around with my camera and saw that perhaps I could put it on a lower quality setting before filming. I wasn't even sure if I was even really doing that or not, but after trying, each of my kids insisted on filming for a minute. I have no recollection of trying to load Goldie's video specifically. I loaded them all on the computer and then, just to see if it would work, I tried to upload one to my blog, but after a long while, some error sign popped up and I turned the computer off.

Then, lo and behold, I am looking in my posts today when I notice an untitled draft. I open it and here is this clip!! I swear it never got on and wasn't there yesterday. Anyway, who knows if that means it will work in the future or not, but I simply can't delete this one success. So, enjoy some wobbly Goldie filming (as well as some cool noises she makes as she films) if you feel so inclined.


Perla said...

well well well. congrats on uploading your first ever video. nice work. how did you get it to do it in sepia? never mind. you probably don't know. but good job anyway.

Mugsy said...

Did she say "Penda"? It was the cutest thing I have ever heard come out of my little Goldems mouth!

Nancy said...

no no, shan, i've done video on here before (from my old camera), but I can't now (well, except for this one). . . do you know what the deal is?

Yah megs, that was penda. she also said fuff fuff fuff alot as some nice recording background. can't you com let her follow you around?

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