Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Morning from Goldie

At about 7:30 this morning I was sitting at the kitchen table turning on the laptop to access our homeschool lessons for the day. Abe and Daisy were on our bed (very close by as my parent's have a studio apartment in their basement -- so kitchen, living room and bedroom are all as one). They were giggling and occasionally screaming while they ate the rest of Daisy's Halloween candy and occasionally attacked one another (whether or not a good mother would be letting her kids eat Halloween candy first thing in the morning is a totally different topic -- while some diligently divvy it out, etc. I prefer to just let them recklessly get the entire thing over with).

Suddenly, and with out warning, the door of the bedroom connected to our little apartment flew open. There stood Goldie -- blankies and stuffed animals all about her, hair disheveled to the point of shocking, mouth in a full and forced angry frown, scowling eyes blazing upon none other than Abe and Daisy.

After a moment of her saying not a word but continuing her fearful fiery glare upon them, Abe paused whatever he and Daisy were up to and said (slightly in awe, slightly in laughter), "Dais, look at Goldie!"

"Good morning sweetheart." I said, "Why are you looking so grumpy?"

"Because," she announced fiercely, "I don't like them messing up your bed!"

"Daisy!" Abe thrilled, "She's mad 'cause she thinks we're messing up her bed!"

"No Abe," I corrected, "She doesn't like that you guys are messing up my bed." In truth, my bed had not yet been made for the day, but I suppose they weren't helping it any. I turned again to Goldie and soothingly suggested, "Why don't you come give me a morning hug?"

"No!" She said, "I'm not waking up. I just don't want them messing up your bed!"

Well, I turned to Abe and Daisy who, rather than defensive, seemed greatly amused by all of this, and said, "Abe and Dais, you guys better quit messing up my bed."

Still looking unsure if she was satisfied, but obviously through with her siblings shenanigans, she shot them one last look of righteous indignation, turned and, slamming the door behind her, went back to bed.

At that point I thought it best to shew Abe and Daisy off to the couch whilst I made my bed.


Tia Juana said...

You know, I think I know how she felt. So many days when I wake up, not quite rested for the night, I too feel the need to go and scold the children for doing things that aren't quite wrong but aren't quite right either - because when you are awakened before fully rested, there is just something wrong with the world, especially when others seem to be enjoying the wrongs of the world. The biggest wrong being AWAKE!

She does not look so upset in the picture though. Hopefully her day got better.

Karen said...

Oh, that one is a character. My Wild Child gets like that from time to time. The difference is, my other kids are actually afraid of her.

That is really a cute story.

jami said...

i seriously love your kids ... and i love their interactions with each other. :) (and my favorite thing for breakfast is a treat ... i think i'd fit right into your family. :))

Pooka said...

I didn't know you were back! & there's a Penny in your family now! Apparently I've been stuck under a rock for quite some time.

Liz said...

What a sweet daughter to be so protective of her mother's bed, it's not her chore to make it is it? It seems there must have been a motive to her madness. My kids would love you! I am the divvying type of mom and Quaid told me yesterday that it was going to take forever to eat all of our halloween candy because I won't let them eat it whenever they wish and my answer was-"exactly!"

Krissy-loo said...

What a funny girl! I can just picture her wild hair and her righteous indignation. :)

Perla said...

how did i not see this post until now. i love goldie so much and i love that story. there is something of a deedle spirit in there. those two are so mean sometimes yet i can't stand how much i adore them and want to hug and kiss them to pieces ever second. i swear deedle would do that exact same thing and probably will if she thinks of it.

also, i let the kids eat their candy with reckless abandon this year and was so happy just to have it gone in a few days rather than prolonging my pain

Perla said...

extra comment on accident

Jill said...

Hi Nancy, I have lost your newest email address. Could you send me an email so I could add you to my blog invitation?

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