Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Oh, I want to write about Mother’s Day too! Mother’s Day was so nice. I am so sad that there are women out there feeling miserable when Mother’s Day roles around because they haven’t been blessed with children. I love that I get to be a mom. While I complain from time to time or feel stressed by the many tasks to be done each day, I feel like this time is the major highlight of my earthly journey.

So, the day itself was one of my happiest Mother’s Days ever. Actually, I’m not sure, the others might have been just as happy. I can’t remember, but Sunday was just so . . . happy. Mike told me first thing in the morning that it was the day that I “get to be as mean as I want,” so that started things off just right. He has learned that I really like to be the special girl all day long on my birthday or Mother’s Day, so he forces the kids to clean things up and takes the broom away from me and does dishes and makes dinner and brushes little teeth.

The kids went off giggling to the garage at one point to bring in one of my presents, and I worried I was getting a rabbit or some such, but lo and behold, it was a watermelon. It made me nearly cry that my husband knows an entire watermelon would make me as happy as most anything on this earth might. And I got roses and several more of those presents that only someone who pays close attention to the ridiculous things you love could know to give.

Penny slept on my shoulder nearly all of the third hour of church – something she generally does not believe in doing no matter how tired she is. Occasionally she’d lift her face -- red, groggy and confused, and with the imprint of my linen dress on her cheek -- then she’d settle back down and sleep while drool ran down my arm.

I love all the teachers at school for being so thoughtful as to have the kids make cool presents for their moms. Abe and Daisy both made books about me. Abe made me a pinch pot and Daisy made me a refrigerator magnet out of popsicle sticks and her picture. Why would teachers be so thoughtful as to help my kids make me these little presents that I adore?

Oh, and I’ve hardly mentioned my own mother. I love her. She has honestly always understood me. I never have any doubt that if I am in a frustrating situation of any sort or just want to talk about this or that, she will know, I mean really know, exactly what I am trying to say. And, I love Mike’s mother because all of the time he does, says or just is things that cause me to think, “thank goodness his mother taught him to be that for me!!”

Here is a picture from Daisy’s Mother’s Day book that I liked:

And, Abe’s book was so cool because it had pictures of all sorts of things we do together and we look so happy and like we are having such great times together that I had to put a few here (the second to last is my favorite because we don’t “go to” the park or zoo or anything. We “go to” bed):


Tash said...

I like the corn illustation. Yes you look happy and why wouldn't you...your kids are cool and fun, and so are you!! Glad you had a happy mothers day!

Heeere's J-dude: said...

You are so pretty. I have never REALLY seen an up close and personal picture of you yet. You are pretty and you look as happy as you sound. I'm glad you had a good day.

I liked when you talked about baby drool. Not long I put on an OLD dress, I mean old, and it had a little thingey stain on it and I couldn't help but wonder if that was leftover baby Erin stains which had been sitting in my closet for years. And it made me happy to wear my dirty dress.

Happy Belated Mother's Day.

jocelyn said...

You're so funny! I loved your comment on my blog. And more importantly, I love to read YOUR blog! You have such a sweet little family!

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

How adorable, all those little gifts! The book was so very cute! I am excited for the day when Addy can make me such cute little trinkets. I really enjoyed Mother's Day too. I feel the same was as you do about my birthday and Mother's Day. I fully expect to be loved and showered with much attention all day long. I think everyone deserves that on those days! I'm glad you had such a lovely mother's day!

jerissy said...

I witnessed Penny sleeping on your shoulder up close and personal... I was sitting a couple rows behind you... and it was such a sweet site! I wish I had my camera on me at all times! As I was reading this post and looking at the pics Abe and Daisy drew, I got chills! How awesome it must be to have your kids communicate with you and tell you the things they love doing with you. I look forward to that day. And I LOVE the picture of you reading the scriptures. You guys are soooo cool!

Perla said...

fantastic post and i am so glad that you are so happy. it seems so nice that me, you, meg, and zhateal are all at such happy places in our lives right now. what a blessing!

one thing i liked about abes drawings is that he has shoes on in each photo but you don't.

mike is so good at remembering little things that matter. tell him good job from me.

Liz said...

I'm so glad you got an entire water mellon for mother's day. I love when husbands remember the little things, like food that we like. The Popsicle frame was so cool. You can never have enough pictures of your kids around!

Lover of Sweets said...

It's so awesome that you toatlly "get" how to appreciate motherhood nany! I love that you're so in love with your kids too...I know they can sense that sort of love from you. It's awesome!
I loved their gifts to you and especially that Mike thought to buy you a watermelon! Sweets loves a whole watermelon to himself. He loves to break it open and only eat the middle part.
Remeber when Abe gave you the "yucky" part of his cupcake because he had already eaten the good part (frosting)? Yeah, well it's kind of like that for old Sweets...he does not want the yucky part of the melon.
What a melon head!

jami said...

what a sweet mother's day - and i love, love, love the pictures in the books they made. what sweet kids you have! :)

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