Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is Goldie. Often known as Goldums. She is three. She has been in great despair for two months now over how horribly far off her July birthday is. She really loves her dad. He was gone for six months of her life just as she was entering her "stranger anxiety" phase, and for awhile I was worried about them bonding and all, but she always makes sure we save him a treat if he's not here when we have one, she cries if she thinks he's home and discovers he isn't, and she occasionally prays that he won't have to go to work on her birthday. Other than this upcoming birthday, she really does abhor the idea of growing up; we usually must avoid all talk of it to prevent serious weeping. She loves friends and is always trying to tell me she's "going to Anna's" (Daisy's friend and our next door neighbor) or asking if she can go to someone's, anyone's house. She says cool stuff like, I'll ask, "Did you remember to finish your sandwhich?" and she'll respond, "Did you remember to give me hugs and wash my hands?" She loves computer games -- far more than a three year old should; in fact, we have now found that "losing a day of playing the computer" is our most affective threat. She can't bare to have a little creature hurt, I am never allowed to so much as squish an ant in our house. The other morning there were some tiny dried up worms on the sidewalk and this set her to sobbing. Her only hope was that if it rained, perhaps they would come alive again, and she would not allow Daisy to ride her bike along the wormy sidewalk. I had to sweep them all into the grass in case they might be coming "back alive" later. Occasionally she'll decide she's had enough of what ever we are doing and will announce, "bedtime for Goldie." at which point I am supposed to take her immediately to her bed. She is nearly always carrying one to three blankets and about four stuffed animals. She occasionally likes to tell people (even her primary teachers) that they don't know everything because they don't know when Jesus will be coming. She tries to use her love to bribe me; for example, she will say, "if you let me watch a show, I'll hug you." When she is grumpy, her entire posture goes into an ape-like slump -- she will walk around with her arms dangling and her lips turned as far down as they can go. She calls me "mother." She also cheerily refutes many things I say:
G: Can I stay up for naps?
Me: Nope.
G: Yes I can! (She doesn't say this in a smart alec or even annoying way, just a cheery little hopeful way that makes me shake my head and laugh).
Me: No you can't silly.
G: Stay up from naps or wake up when ever I want. Those are the only choices.
And then off we go to bed.
Here is another example or two:
G: Can we go to McDonalds today.
Me: No honey, not today.
G: But you said we could.
Me: (laughing) No I didn't. I never said we could go to McDonalds.
G: Uh-huh, you did. Time to go to McDonalds.
G:Time to get Abe from school.
Me: Abe doesn't come home til after naps.
G: Yes he does. Time to go get him.
She doesn't put up a fight in any of these situations. She just seems to enjoy a cheerful little try.
She is a fun little person and I am always so happy with the tiny different people I have been given.


BS and the Kids said...

I love this age!!! They say and do some of the cutest things and she sounds like a sweetheart!!!

Mugsy said...

O how I love my little Goldums. Why o why can't she be mine?....I love her little face and little personality. SHe gets her tenderness about little creatures from you. And lets not forget when she gets worried and upset about growing old, her mother used to be terrified that in the millenium she wouldn't be able to fund Mom and Dad. talk about to pees in a pod. O how love love my little girl...

Liz217 said...

She is so very sweet. I love that she tries to persuade you with happiness and hugs. It doesn't get better than that. I would be inclined to give in.

Liz217 said...

Mugsy we just posted at the same time- how fun

Mugsy said...

that was "find" Mom and Dad not fund. And "two" pees in a pod Sweet! whats up Liz?!!!

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

She does have such an angelic little face and truly does seem like she would never do a wrong thing knowingly! Cute little lady!

Heeere's J-dude: said...

Oh, she sounds like a very fun child. I am very interested to see the post when she is 13. I can tell that she and my E would get along fabulously despite a couple of years age difference.

And what is with the rating thing at the bottom of you post....that intrigues me. Am I supposed to rate you?

I'm not sure I could handle the truth of a rating system on my blog.

Because then I would find out I'm not as clever and funny as I like to go to sleep thinking that I am.

Gotta run.... Bedtime for Jdude. (I've been waiting the whole reading and comment to say that to you!)

Cute girl. Nice post.

Nancy said...

OK, so about the "rating system" on my blog, it just appeared out of nowhere today. Then later it was gone, and then back again. I don't know where it comes from or where it goes since I can find it nowhere as an "option" on the blog layout or settings. Sometimes I also have a handy pencil I can click on at the bottom of my posts in case I want to edit them, but that to seems to come and go at its whim regardless of if I am signed in. Does anyone know anything about this?? Is my blog haunted is what I am really asking!!??

Perla said...

i loved hearing more about goldums and feeling like i could get to know her a little better. she reminds me so much of deedle. i love that she calls you mother.

Heeere's J-dude: said...

So the pencil thing - that is when you are logged on and there is a setting - somewhere on your settings - that you have set to main page edits or something like that - it's like a little pencil and a tool or something like that. Yeah, haven't really figured that out. I just like to go into my layouts and change stuff around and then I refresh my main page everytime I check to see if it worked and then it makes me look really, really popular because I been refreshed so many times. Good though, because I'm so refreshing!

But uh, yeah - your rating thing - please don't say haunted to me right now. I'm having major issues that have to do with what I'm posting tomorrow!! Do you have a woods nearby?


I'm so glad we are friends. :)

Kit J said...

Oh thanks Nancy for sharing that. I feel so sad that I am not getting to know your kids enough so these little glimpses are so great! She sounds like just the perfect mixture of tenderness and strong-willed-ness if that is a word. The pics are wonderful. Why won't I put some of my kids photos on my blog????

Gracie J said...

Oh she is such a favorite of mine. Perhaps it's because she is also of my same astrological sign, or maybe it's all the cute things she says, or maybe it's because I saw her when she was in the hospital, but for whatever reason, she is just so awesome to me.

Amy said...

I've just been reading all of your blogs. I love the physics lesson, I also love learning about the "Law of Chaos" from the most scholarly source--Jurassic Park. Those kids of yours are awfully cute. But jeeze who are all these "friends" you have commenting on your blog???

Tash said...

cute photos. I love how sassy she is i guess swissy have more than looking slightly alike in common. In love with your writing on the blog, it keeps getting better and better...keep it coming

Lover of Sweets said...

Ohhhhhh....that was the cutest post yet! What a little cuteness! I love your dialogue with that girl; she is too funny! I'm glad to know your little Goldums better. How fun!

Lover of Sweets said...

Oh Meg: It's two PEAS in a pod".
Whereas "Two pees in a pod" might suggest that two go pee in a pod; which is actually very disturbing.
Your welcome.

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