Sunday, December 28, 2014


Today is my birthday.

I’m practically an old woman now and will probably be dead soon. But, the awesome thing is, I don’t really mind. (Well, about the old woman part. I’m not totally on board with the being dead part yet – only because there are all these needy little people here that I feel some obligation to.) I recall being sad-ish when I turned 30. I was no longer in my twenties; those young adventurous twenties that I so identified with.

But, of late, I seem to have embraced some Native American or Asian (surely not American?) reverence for old age and all its accompanying experience and wisdom. I feel kind of awesome that there is a good chance I’ve already accomplished – maybe not half – but surely well over a third of this mortal living business. I feel admiration and borderline envy for those who have waded life’s storms and managed its troubles for 60 and 70 and 80 years.

Someday I will be them.

And I will be so wise.

Or . . . not (as the case may be), but we can always hope.

In the meantime, I’ll take 38 with a “thank you kindly”; and, also, I will quit pretending to not like my just-after-Christmas birthday. “Blah blah blah. It’s a busy time. It gets lost in the shuffle.” Actually, I’ve always loved that my birthday is all tied in and associated with Christmas (and with my dad’s birthday – which was yesterday, but which he often postponed a day to celebrate with me during my growing up years). I also like starting my own new years with . . . you know . . . the new year.

Anyway, happy birthday to me. 38 years ago . . . my mom and dad had me. My mom was just two years older than I am now – 40. My dad was 46. It was their tenth time being in the hospital about to welcome a little new person to this earth. And I got to be that person! 38 years ago. Today. I love that. Such a happy thing!

Earlier the kids painted a little wooden army of people with me. My four were pretty awesome. (As were red-beard, Chewbacca, the ninja baby and others.) Now, I’m off to eat the birthday dinner Mike has been making and the birthday cake all covered with whip cream and pudding that the girls have been making. And then, Mike will wash dishes and force the kids to clean up and insist everyone let “mom” relax.

That’s nice.

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Shannon said...

You're the bestest birthday girl ever. I love you so much! Happy 38th birthday! That is weird how you're older than me now. :) Just kidding. I think 40 is great. I just still don't recognize that number for an age associated with me yet.

Montserrat Wadsworth said...

A very happy birthday to you!!

Linn said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Nancy friend! So glad they took great care of you today.

You are less than two months older than me and I have to say, like you, I have no problem being older. The only time it stresses me a bit is when I am trying to keep up with a one-year old and feel tired and slow. Otherwise, bring it on!

Happy day to you again!

Kara said...

I love this. Simple pleasures. And us have to agree with you about better older. I'll take all those greys as a rite of passage. Happy birthday!

Kara said...

*i'd have to agree about getting older.... Darn phone.

Marilyn said...

I have to say, reading about your girls baking you a special cake together gave me a little stir of excitement to see what these girls of mine are like when they're older together. Seems like such a cute fun sisterly thing to do…baking birthday cakes for mom. Having no experience with such things,mit makes me excited to watch them develop as sisters and friends, like your sisters have and then your own daughters are now.

And happy birthday to you. You deserve the puddingiest of cakes! :)

Kara said...

Let's connect in FB. I'm Kara Strate. My photo blog is about as public as I get, aside from FB.

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